The Sims 4 Will Have Built-In Modding Tools, Offline Play

Gameranx: "Has EA learned its lesson with SimCity's always-online requirements? It appears so."

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majiebeast1928d ago

At this point i just think EA is doing a social experiment.

1 game with always online and no mod tools the other with offline play and mod tools. They are just seeing how much they can screw over gamers before they say this is enough.

Hufandpuf1928d ago

I guess the experiment is over then if this Sims 4 news is true.

PockyKing1928d ago

I disagree. I think they learned their lesson from SimCity that always online is not the way to go. The fan feedback by voting them worst company in America, which is quite stupid by the way as there's far worse, but either way I think it spoke to them.

CEO left, SimCity failed, microtransactions and all that stuff is painting a bad image on a company that makes high quality games whether you like them or not. Aside from a select few.

It's hard to tell the difference between just plain PR talk and actual facts about games and what they'll actually provide gamers. But I've liked what I've heard about Battlefield 4, and I'm liking the sound of The Sims 4. Whether they can get rid of their tarnished reputation in the online community, that's up to EA.

KwietStorm1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Or alternatively, we can take off the EA hate shades, because this sounds like an about-face from SimCity, like they listened.