Krieg is excited to meat new friends soon…. next Borderlands 2 character DLC dated

El33tonline writes:

"Borderlands 2 players were finally given at least one of their most wanted features this year with an increase in the game’s level cap from 50 to 61, but developer Gearbox also began teasing the existence of ‘Krieg,’ a brand new downloadable character to ratchet the playable roster up to six."

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showtimefolks1842d ago

Gearbox how could you become so greedy?

Fist aliens game messed up
Than season pass isn't buy you everything crap
DLC quality not the same as 1st game
Just to raise keel caps you charging people

And that's coming from someone who is a huge borderlands fan, but next time around I will think twice before investing my time and money with your games

InTheLab1842d ago

I actually thought the DLC was better than the main game and filled with better characters like Scarlett and Torgue.

With that said, they're full of it with charging for a level cap increase. They can talk all day about balance and hard work adjusting a few levels but everyone that's maxed out knows that's crap.

showtimefolks1842d ago

My 6 stealth disagrees are not happy we are saying that because they like paying for updates which should b free

What really scares me is this thought:

This gen publishers and developers did a lot of new things which were wrong like online passes,on disk DLC,micro transactions etc,

And for most part they got away with it because of fanboys so this was a beta to see what they can getaway with imagine how greedy they gonna get next gen

Very scary thought

antz11041841d ago

@ Showtime,

Ppl are disagreeing with you because they dont agree with you. IMO The DLC in the first one is on par with this one and its not finished coming out, and you got charged for the level cap in BL1 because it was tied to the General Knoxx DLC. So don't act like any of this is new.

InTheLab1842d ago

I think they disagree with the quality of the DLC part. It's actually quite good and I think you're overselling how good the first Borderlands DLC actually was.

Yeah, Knoxx was great and so was the zombie map, but Moxxi was terrible and pretty much $10 for a bank vault, and the Claptrap DLC...meh.

In comparison, Scarlett DlC blows away all but Knoxx thanks to the mission loot and vault at the end. Same thing with Torgue but it had the added bonus of introducing the best character in Borderlands. "Let me ask you a question. EXPLOSIONS?" yeah...Torgue was awesome. I haven't spent too much time on the 3rd DLC but the first 2 were outstanding and just as good as anything from the first game.

showtimefolks1842d ago

Now I don't disagree with you , in the first borderlands game the game itself story wise was a beta test than we had actual story in DLC so that's why people felt like it was such a step up

But you watch any reviews for borderlands 2 and all complain about glitches and it being rushed, now this last year gearbox is taking their time with so I expect a great last DLC pack

I signed up for season pass and bought all the DLC for first game so I have a right to complain if I think it's to IP to the actual games quality

Borderlands 2 itself is very polished and great but DLC not so much, but gearbox have found them self some great characters in DLC so can't wait to see how they use them going forward in borderlands franchise

I thing I do wish is there would be less fetch quests in future games, but that's a problem with all RPG's so hopefully next gen few things change

Ace_Pheonix1842d ago

Whoa, I'm glad I'm not one of his friends. I don't want his meat anywhere near me if he's "excited to meat me". Hope his friends have rape whistles.

kneon1842d ago

Well that's one possible interpretation, or perhaps he's just a cannibal?

Either way I'll keep my distance.

Chucky20031842d ago

F U Gearbox,i will not forget Aliens

antz11041839d ago

......because that has ANYTHING to do with Borderlands.....

-MD-1842d ago

10 dollars for a dlc character lol. Gearbox is the worst.

Stefanrules71842d ago

How can this not be a part of the season pass!!!!

The season pass is now a lie

matrixman921842d ago

lol how? we were guaranteed 4 dlc packs. We have 3 with the next one scheduled for June.

antz11041839d ago

They said the season pass was going to include Gaige and 4 DLC'S.....did you read the description when you bought it?

mynameisEvil1838d ago

Hey, man, just to let you know: I'm gonna create another account named "AedanClarke"

I would've just sent you a message, but when I click on your profile (and only yours, nobody else's has this problem), I get a server runtime error. So yeah.

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