When a single-player franchise adds multiplayer modes, do gamers benefit?

It’s always scary when publishers mess with a winning formula — especially one involving our favorite games. But just as people gain new interests and character traits over time, videogame franchises can and should evolve. It’s what keeps them from growing stale. And there’s no bigger change than adding extra players to what was once a solo experience.

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Sandmano1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

If resources are managed correctly then yes. Look at Uncharted 2 for a great example

WolfLeBlack1963d ago

Agreed. It depends entirely on how its handled. Mass Effect 3 and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood are another two good examples, each introducing very well liked multiplayer to a series that had only been singleplayer up to that point.

And then there's something like Tomb Raider, which just felt tacked on and pointless.

Donnieboi1963d ago

Uncharted 2
Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence/Metal Gear Online 1
Metal Gear Solid 4/Metal Gear Online 2
Gears of War series
Halo series

These games had great campaigns AND great multiplayer, yet the campaigns obviously were unaffected by the inclusion of MP. However, some games do put SP on the back burner. I guess those other companies are just not as resourceful as the amazing companies who have made the above games.

TheSuperior 1963d ago

Good logic here. To me, a game like tomb raider needs no multiplayer. Having a good single player game focus too much attention on multiplayer could ruin it because thats not why people play the game

admiralvic1963d ago

I don't know, the second you assume multiplayer makes sense, you limit creativity. A lot of people would have said Uncharted didn't need multiplayer (it doesn't), others claimed it made no sense, yet it was a pretty fun mode for what it is. I still know people that play 3, which my friend happened to love. Sure they're not all well done, but I rather see them try new things, than just slap a "we don't want to mess with success" sticker on them.

With this being said, I rather have secondary developers do a multiplayer mode than single player. A PERFECT example of this is Borderlands 2, since neither of the secondary developers could match Gearbox in enjoyment. In a lot of ways a poor single player addition makes the game look far worse, than implementing an unenjoyable mode.

C-Thunder1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

This works both ways too, there are games like Battlefield that absolutely don't need to waist resources on single player

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