Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Metal Gear Solid V: Snake Loses His Voice

For 15 years, David Hayter has been the voice of Metal Gear. Now, he's not. Up at Noon finds out why

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Majin-vegeta1540d ago

I think we're being trolled by Kojima.After all he's a troll master.

Sandmano1540d ago

Would he go that far though!?

PirateThom1540d ago

No one knew about Raiden until MGS2 came out. He even went as far as to make scenes for trailers on Big Shell with Snake.

Timesplitter141540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

David Hayter publicly declared he wouldn't voice Snake in MGS5 on twitter on APRIL 1ST

I think there's something going on

Welcome2Die1540d ago

I think that its an okay move, He'll be back if Kojima decides to make more Metal Gear games, its getting close to the time that Snake fights Big Boss anyway...

majiebeast1540d ago

People the truth why Hayter isnt voicing Snake is simple. Snake wont be in the game you will play as Johnny Akiba and experience his life and the struggle he faces everyday, as he fights his condition of explosiv diarrhea.

Heisenburger1540d ago

Did you think that was funny when you were typing it?

Oh boy...


Kaiou1540d ago

How cares ? really? as long as we get metal gear and a GOOD actor it's all good.


Enigma_20991540d ago

*drags you out by your shirt...*

You're right, but still...


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