4 First-Person Franchises That Deserve a Reboot

Rebooting classic gaming franchises is a risky endeavor, and it doesn't always work out the way the fans would hope. When EA announced that they were rebooting Medal of Honor a few years back, fans were pretty excited to see the direction that the franchise would go.

The past contains a veritable treasure trove of amazing opportunities that developers and publishers can cash in on if they are smart and do them the right way.

Here are some of first-person franchises that deserve a proper reboot.

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Root1965d ago

Turok really needs to be rebooted and I mean a game which sticks to the old games.

Dinosaurs, weird weapons, fun gameplay

Naate1965d ago

Totally agree, a proper reboot not just a crappy XBLA port or something. This years Tomb Raider seems to have done it right.

Root1965d ago

I agree with the full retail thing but for me Tomb Raider is a bad example

I loved the game but at it's core that was not Tomb Raider. I just felt I was playing an Uncharted clone which was more open.

I would of wanted a proper Tomb Raider game which takes us all over the world in Tombs full of traps and deadly heights while battling super natural forces, harsh wildlife or dinosaurs.

Sandmano1965d ago

Ahhhh Time Splitters epic memories with that game!

Relientk771965d ago

We need to see TimeSplitters 4

BlackIceJoe1965d ago

I would love to see a new Perfect Dark. I love Cyberpunk games and that one is a great one.

I also would like a new Turok. It should be open world and be a stealth survival horror game. That would make it really good.