Alienware Teases "Big News" for E3

We're just a few short weeks away from Microsoft and Sony battling for next-gen console mindshare at E3, but according to a "Save the Date" sent to the press by Alienware, PC gamers will also have something to look forward to. Alienware has scheduled a launch event for unspecified new products on the evening of June 10th — the same day as Microsoft and Sony's scheduled press events.

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Lior1966d ago

It's new outrageous prices

BattleAxe1966d ago

Steam has Alienware listed as a partner on their website, so maybe it has something to do with the Steam Box.

Pandamobile1966d ago

They've been partners forever. Every Alienware PC comes preloaded with Steam and a copy of Portal I'm pretty sure.

TheSauce1966d ago

That actually would make sense. The x51 fits the description of what valve was talking about; form-factor, console-PC architecture, and Steam pre-loaded on it.

majiebeast1966d ago

A console by Alienware they already made overpriced pcs so why not a overpriced console. I bet the launch titles will be Aliens:Colonial marines it costs more money edition,You pay for the brand not the quality,You can build it yourself for half the cost.

Sandmano1966d ago

They lost alot of rep IMO

TheSauce1966d ago

Probably a new line of laptops. There have been rumors about that already so it's the most likely.