Morals, Meanings and Messages in Metroid: Other M

GenGAME writes: "Other M was a game that took the Metroid series back to its gameplay roots. It departed from the first-person perspective established in the Prime Trilogy and returned to the classic third-person style with more side-scrolling oriented level design.

"The new twist in Other M was the extended cinematic storytelling that drew a mixed reaction to say the least. Yet regardless of how players may feel about the cutscenes, the plot, or even the voice acting of Other M, they cannot deny that the story itself raises some significant issues for discussion."

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Erimgard1930d ago

For all of it's plot-based downfalls (and there were many) Other M really did have some high point moments. I had a hard time getting attached to Other M's portrayal of Samus, but I really loved Adam Malkovich, and his final scene was definitely emotional for me.

There were some pretty damn good themes in this game. Just a shame that they were overshadowed by some of the negative parts.