Google To "Reinvent The PlayGround" Next Week, Gaming Related Announcement Incoming

Gamefocus reports that Google is about to announce a gaming platform.


The title of the article has since changed, hinting that the announcement may not be a platform, though it remains likely.

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Vinc3601902d ago

This came out of nowhere.

dp2774071902d ago

Yea I wonder if its going to be something like nvidias system or the OUYA, or be like an actual competitor to microsoft, sony and nintendo.

Abash1902d ago

If I were Google and wanted to make a console that could compete with Sony, Nintendo, and MS, I'd partner with SEGA and use their plethora of great series that are being unused to gain an advantage over the competition.

I'm not saying all Google would need is SEGA, but it'd definitely make them stand out right out of the gates

Root1902d ago


Thats actually a good idea

Sonic, Alex the Kidd, Ristar, Toe Jam and Earl, Streets of Rage etc get three of those as launch games and you have yourself a good games console.

Autodidactdystopia1902d ago

well if they used their trillions to actually put a set of balls In the machine (if it is a machine) then they could have a chance.

LocutusEstBorg1901d ago

I'm pretty sure it's a social network like Game Centre or Xbox Live.

Blackdeath_6631901d ago

a nexus gaming devise sounds very likely now that you mention it

LOL_WUT1901d ago

I'd rather have Apple give it another shot Google just doesn't do it for me as a console (anything), except for a browser. ;)

nukeitall1901d ago

If it's tablet, I think I would pass.

The android experience subpar, and as someone else mentioned, I would rather take iOS or Windows (Phone).

CEOSteveBallmer1901d ago

In my opinion, We don't need a 4th player into the console business. Why? Multiplat games will be very very long to develop for all consoles. It takes 2-3 years to develop multiplat on all 3 consoles, how much more if a fourth one is added right? No matter how big a developer is, they don't have infinite number of programmers. So I say google would be better off fighting with apple on the mobile gaming front.

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Bigpappy1902d ago

Aren't there like 4 android consoles already out or soon to be released? They better have some serious innovation if they want any attention in this market.

MultiConsoleGamer1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

Wait until you see what's happening with Apple and your local cable company.

The landscape of gaming is about to change drastically.

The google thing is more about integration.

BDSE1901d ago

Streaming? No thanks.

Liefx1901d ago

Not really. People have been doing APK teardowns for awhile that have hinted at this.

extermin8or1901d ago

no they don't mean a games console I don't think they mean like a system abit like IOs's game centre thing. Thiss rumour has been around for ages.

princejb1341901d ago

I'm pretty sure their new. Machine is exclusive to their play store games

KwietStorm1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

Nah they've been talking about it for a while now, "They" Not being Google but leaks on the net. Android Police did a tear down of bits of code and it looks like Google is taking their gaming push pretty seriously, much more than the game center on iOS. There are actually some Steam-like features in there.

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Root1902d ago

No way...

Wii U
Google Box

It's going to be a packed gen thats for sure, whether or not this is actually going to be a proper console remains to be seen but this is going to be fun to watch

Vinc3601902d ago

That's the one thing I hate about the introduction of so many new gaming "platforms". There's consoles, smartphones, tablets, handhelds, PC, social games, soon your microwave will be able to play games. That helps grow the overall market, but it also segments it. A lot. There could be another industry crash if we're not careful. Game budgets are getting really, really high and with a segmented market, that's dangerous.

Root1902d ago

I think the problem is people thinking smartphone games and cheap little indie games are considered proper games where you can make a console

When I think of a games console I think of the big three...Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Uncharted, Killzone, GT, Halo, Gears of War, Alan Wake. Not crappy little smartphone games which you play when your on the bus, metro and taking a dump in the toilet.

guitarded771901d ago

Yeah, I don't know if it's legit, but that's too many. I game on everything, and appreciate choice, but two many hands in the cookie jar can lead to less high risk exclusives. If a new console is taking money from an established platform, less money may be given to higher risk AAA titles. Oh well, we'll see what happens. I really wish Google would partner with Sony in offering services through PS4 and Vita. Also, if Google does come up with a console I wonder how open they will be to at home devs in offering tools for creation.

RuleNumber51901d ago

Don't forget whatever Apple is doing as well. If Google jumps into the gaming ring, don't think Apple will just sit around doing nothing. Good lord this is random. Of all of the leaks and rumors to come out, Google kept this quiet? Impressive.

KwietStorm1901d ago

Not expected to be a gaming console, but rather a "platform," per say. It's likely a part of the next version of Android. See my comment right above yours.

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SlavisH21902d ago

I hope so. this would be great for the consumer. i personally wont get it but competition it always great for us. Even apple should join more the better

majiebeast1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

No guys its gonna be like gamecenter that rumour has been going around for months. Its not gonna be a console.

stage881901d ago

Thank you!

So many people in here hyped for nothing.

R_aVe_N1902d ago

It will be an android based device that will most likely play phone games and the such. If you like phone style games stay tuned. I don't forsee any other platform from Google.

KwietStorm1901d ago

Not a device at all. Its a unified gaming service integrated into Android.

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