Neither Sony PlayStation 4 Nor New Microsoft Xbox Console Will Block Used Games

Forbes - According to video game analyst Michael Pachter from Wedbush Securities, neither of the next generation consoles that are launching this fall will block used game sales. Both Sony’s PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox from Microsoft will offer disc-based and downloadable game content, but neither console will follow through with the controversial DRM issues that have enraged passionate gamers with the recent PC game launches of Electronic Arts’ SimCity and (to a lesser extent) Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo 3.

“I don’t think Microsoft has the balls to block used games, and I want you to quote me on that,” said Pachter. “Microsoft would alienate 30 percent of their audience by doing that and Sony would step in and exploit that by saying, ‘We’re not blocking used games.’”

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jagiii1814d ago

If Xbox Next can sell for $100 that could give Microsoft a huge advantage quickly.

PirateThom1814d ago

Yeah, but if Sony could sell the PS4 for $50, they'll definitely sell more.

minimur121814d ago

yeah but if Nintendo sell the Wii U for $25.... it'll get more sales than anyone else.

actually, no it wont.

MikeMyers1814d ago

Yeah but if Gabe Newell gave us each a Steambox and a double cheeseburger they would sell the most.

I can't wait until we get all the info then maybe we can actually talk about the games and the systems instead of all these rumors.

GalacticEmpire1814d ago

They should just give them away, the sales would be infinite, maybe on Oprah or something?

ohcatrina1814d ago


... that only plays Oprah online, the new MMO from O Network!"

PirateThom1814d ago

Meh, I'm in the beta for Oprah Online. Major balancing issues and the give aways are at complete random, so it's often hard to build up cash to improve the set and guests.

Knight_Crawler1814d ago

This is OT but does anyone know if the below news will effect my steam game purchases?

BREAKING NEWS: The Senate approved an Internet sales tax proposal, moving the legislation a step closer to law and paving the way for shoppers to pay sales tax on the majority of online purchases.

AngelicIceDiamond1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

"Pachter believes the new Kinect voice and camera recognition, coupled with Bing search and Skype, opens up a lot of possibilities of interacting with the console in new ways. He offered an example of enabling a Twitch channel via the Kinect camera to live blog from your living room."

Now that is what I wanna see Kinect be used for. Sure MS can use it for casual gaming but they need to leave Kinect out of hardcore gaming. Or make it optional like "better with Kinect" like this gen.

I'd rather see Kinect used ultimately as MS's alternative interface for interactivity. Rather than gaming at all. Or put Kinect in the back seat when it comes to gaming. Example:

Say for instance MS announces and hypes its full AAA core game line up.

MS majorly hypes Black tusks new game, Rares new game, Remedy's new game, Lucid games, Lion head etc etc.

"But we also have."

pixars Kinect, Kinect Sports, dance Central, Kinectamals etc.

The Kinect stuff should be lightly hyped and a clear focus that those games are secondary. And not hyped like they were in MS recent E3's.

In terms of blocking used games. Both Sony nor MS will do it.

Like I said before, MS and Sony are convincing the consumer to buy their product, not corporations.

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ohcatrina1814d ago

Aaaah, nextgen consoles. Making everyone's feelings all slushy and daunting. Good news!

Rainstorm811814d ago

Good....Blocking used games is a completely stupid idea anyway

Fergusonxplainsall1814d ago

Gamestop is prepared to raise used price of a used "new"game to $57.99


creHEARTive1814d ago

blocking used game would be stupid.

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