The Next Xbox Vs The PlayStation 4: What Will Set Them Apart?

Forbes - The next generation of video game consoles is almost upon us, but how different will the next Xbox and the PS4 really be?

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GalacticEmpire1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Forbes is really milking the opinion pieces lately. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Forbes a business/economy type site, why are they chiming in so loudly on video games?

More on topic -

"In other words, both machines will likely be perfectly sufficient at non-gaming tasks."

Notice how this is a pretty common opinion but the same has not been said about the games, as if one console is expected to outperform another in that department.

"Microsoft has done a truly outstanding job in the marketing department which has in many ways made up for their shortcomings in terms of content."

Do gamers who only own an Xbox really think that the good marketing made up for lack of games?

iGAM3R-VIII1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Agreed, you do make some clear points.

Anyway, I think that the thing that sets these apart is who brings out the better exclusives and hardware and extra featrues, since I do not know much about th 720, I couldn't really say but based on the rumours and stuff, the PS4 is at an advantage.

Also the people who like them is the difference, people can prefer the Xbox over PS4 and PS4 over Xbox, those are the people that make the difference, the consumers

darthv721777d ago

i dont know, maybe they are reaching for a younger demographic now a days. They feel that as vested in the entertainment industry that consumers are (entertainment encompassing: music, tv/movies and games)they feel the need to put themselves into the fray like other sites and news agencies.

in any case, the pros and cons for each will not really stop those of us from buying into the respected platforms. It is without doubt these two companies will strive for more pros than cons (obviously) but how they are accepted will be dependent upon the consumer awareness of the features and conveniences each will possess.

There looks to be much more similarities than differences. Each will be capable of delivering the 3 different forms of entertainment. Each will look to deliver a more social aspect that their current offerings lack. Like full integration with social media outlets and connectivity with others.

It will be interesting to see the competition between the respected marketing divisions. From my personal POV, I'm getting both anyway so they dont need to convince me.

EVILDEAD3601777d ago

Do gamers who only own an Xbox really think that the good marketing made up for lack of games?

There haven't been a lack of games on my 360. I have too many to play at all times. My backlog is crazy.

People can pretend marketing is the only reason a games sells it doesn't. But, if there is little to no promotion it will have a hard time reaching the non-hardcore audience as well.

On topic.

It's pretty clear that both Sony and MS will be trying to reach the same audiences. The differences will come in the gaming franchises, the online structure and the features.


itani1777d ago

What will set them apart? The games.

jeffgoldwin1777d ago

8% will be multiplatform, so meh. Controllers, what your friends are playing, graphics, how much online costs, price, and online services will also be huge factors.

creatchee1777d ago


"Do gamers who only own an Xbox really think that the good marketing made up for lack of games?"

No. However marketing actually tells people who don't frequent gaming sites or hang out at Gamestop that a game is coming out. When Microsoft markets the hell out of their products, they sell accordingly. This has been Sony's Achilles Heel the entire generation. They have high quality exclusives for the most part, but they do not plaster all of the different marketing channels to tell the less hardcore gamers what is out there. Word of mouth only goes so far nowadays.

panbit861777d ago

But should we really care when the games are actually there, advertised or not? I mean why we, as gamers, should worry about someone else's job?

jimbobwahey1776d ago

Yup. When PS3 exclusives aren't advertised they don't sell, and that is bad news for the people who did purchase them.

Prime examples being Twisted Metal and Starhawk in 2012. These were really the only two notable exclusive games from Sony last year, and both of them completely and utterly bombed at retail.

Why should gamers care? Because nobody bought these games, nobody was playing them online, which is bad news when the games have such a heavy focus on multiplayer.

More importantly, gamers should also care because the developers of both of these games have now abandoned the PS3 platform thanks to how poorly their games sold.

Hands Up For Games1777d ago

What will set them apart?

Personal preference would be about the gist of it.

a_squirrel1777d ago

It looks like Microsoft is trying to target the Wii with the Next Xbox, and target the PS4 with the PC gaming.
But then Steam is targeting the Xbox Next AND Windows with their Linux gaming system. And then Nintendo is still targeting... the PS2?

WiiU: You can watch your favourite shows while your kid plays or watches Treehouse TV.
Xbox Next: Why buy a set top box? Why buy a media server? Why buy a console? You can get them all in one! (And they integrate with your new Windows 8 PC!) You don't even have to use a controller if you don't want to!
PS4: Why spend money on your old PC? Why sit at a desk playing games? Play games on your home theatre system and play it now! For all you youtubers out there, you don't even have to buy Fraps! Indie games welcome!
Steambox: You want to play something on your TV, you don't like your console going out of date, but you like it's ease of use? And you hate Windows?! Great! Come right this way! Developers VERY welcome.
Ouya: You like to play N64 games but don't want to have to pirate them, or pay ridiculous amounts for all of the necessary acessories? We have what you want, and you can even use your old controllers like the PS3 or 360 controllers.

Is that all of them? Nope.

PC: You want one device to rule them all? Come right this way! If you don't have any sort of errors or driver issues, everything should cost just a little more than the consoles to play something that great. But, on the other hand, you can do basically anything you want on here. Want to hack a website? Be my guest? Install Windows Xp? Go right ahead!
Mods? YES! We have LOTS. And you can upgrade at any time, play your games on other PCs. It isn't locked into the hardware, but it is locked into origin and other accounts.

blackbirdi1777d ago

exclusive games !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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