Call of Duty: Ghosts Dances With The One That Brought Them

Gi - Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ existence was leaked a few weeks ago from Target ads and a promotional poster, but Activision finally revealed it with an announcement trailer (read about the announcement here). Well, kind of. The clip gave us little more than some glimpses of warriors from different cultures throughout time followed by an announcement saying that the game would be revealed during Microsoft’s Xbox event later this month. So, an announcement trailer for an announcement trailer. While Microsoft needed something to spice up news feeds about their delayed event, pairing it with the next COD title was hardly a surprise. What proved more interesting was the fact that Call of Duty still pairs itself with Xbox after years of impressive sales on Sony’s console. What keeps Activision so loyal to the green machine?

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Donnieboi1961d ago

Article asks: "What keeps Activision so loyal to the green machine?"

It's obviously Microsoft's green money. Why else?

Mustang300C20121961d ago

and the same thing can be said about any company so whats new. Money is involved with every exclusive deal with MS and Sony whether that is a company loyal to one console it always comes down to money.

Donnieboi1960d ago

Yep that's pretty much what I said. I said MS because that is what the article was talking about.

KillrateOmega1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Dat money, bro. Same as always.

It's a sad truth.