Gaming Lifestyle: Why I’m Not Getting a Gaming PC

Horrible Night: "Making the switch from consoles still has some very real hurdles. Nicole Zeckner took a long hard look at purchasing a gaming PC and ultimately decided against it and here is why."

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Corpser1931d ago

Guy doesn't even know you can use Xbox controller on pc

And thinks you need to wait for pc to boot up , ever heard of sleep mode?

Saryk1930d ago

Living Room Experience
You can do this with a PC.

Difficulty and Cost
This is going to depend on what you are going to do. If you are only going to play certain types of games only, console is the way. But if you are going to watch movies,Youtube, play games and do work, PC all the way.

Console Lifespan
Console life span is long, but this will be the only generation that will be that long in years. Here is why! The new consoles will have PC tech, which means that the software today will work on new hardware in the future. So you can bet your sweet ass that they are going to create new hardware quicker than the last generation.

Instant On
My PC from pressing the ON button to me playing a game is 15 seconds!

Something he didn’t mention.
Cost of software. I can buy pre-order 20% cheaper than consoles, at launch 40% and a week or two later 50%.
So I can buy 4 games at a total of 120 (or $30 each, could be cheaper) while consoles can only buy 2 (maybe)!
BTW I got Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, Bioshock Inf and Tomb Raider free for spending $150 on a new video card!

Final verdict! In the end it is going to depend on what you want to play. But the MYTH that consoles are cheaper is untrue. Easier to maintain and operate, yes! That is about it!

Psychotica1930d ago

Because your momma won't buy you one?