The Walt Disney Company and EA Announce Multi-Year Star Wars Games Agreement

BURBANK & REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) and Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) today announced a new multi-year exclusive licensing agreement to develop and publish globally new games based on Star Wars characters and storylines.

Under the agreement, EA will develop and publish new Star Wars titles for a core gaming audience, spanning all interactive platforms and the most popular game genres, while Disney will retain certain rights to develop new titles within the mobile, social, tablet and online game categories.

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majiebeast1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Im okay with this aslong as it means Battlefront 3 by DICE, 1313 development resumed by Visceral and KOTOR 3 by Bioware.

Rainstorm811963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

That sounds ideal

Next gen KOTOR 3 by BioWare is what I need

LOL_WUT1963d ago

A battlefront 3 by DICE would be epic! Glad EA got the License for the Star Wars franchise. ;)

minimur121963d ago

I just want them to continue 1313 xD

it looked so cool!

darthv721963d ago

lets hope EA stick to traditional SW type of games and doesnt muck up the license.

I'd hate to see a Madden-esq type of SW football game. Galactic empire vs the rebels with vader and luke as the respected quarter backs.

thorstein1963d ago

Let's just hope they don't go the EA Sports route:

Starwars 14, Starwars 15, Starwars 16. Each installment would have a roster update to the Jedi and Sith but little if any graphical or gameplay improvements.

thorstein1963d ago

And I certainly don't want: The Sims Star Wars Jedi Edition. Sith edition maybe, but not Jedi.

HammadTheBeast1963d ago

I have hope now... but I'm scared.

Hold me Chewbacca.

Wenis1963d ago

I don't want DICE to ruin SWBF the way they ruined the BF franchise. Well that might be too harsh, but BF has definitely gone downhill since BF2 to cater to a mainstream audience. I would rather EA Los Angeles make SWBF3, since they hired a bunch of ex-Pandemic employees, the people who originally made SWBF.

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Fergusonxplainsall1963d ago

Totally agree. We need Battlefront 3 and 1313 Bounty Hunter game. Hope EA does not go full retard and make Pod Racer 2..

Still want a move compatible lightsaber game but with EA at the helm , i doubt that will ever happen.

Anon19741963d ago

Are you basing Episode One Racer? That game was a blast!

Don't get me wrong, I'd rather see a more constructive use of the Star Wars franchise then to do another racing game, but I loved the hell out of the original pod racing game.

Not that there's a shortage of first person shooters out there, but I found Star Wars Republic Commando to be a really good game (at least the single player had a decent campaign. Never tried the multiplayer). I was always looking forward to a followup that never came.

KOTOR actually turned me off Bioware games for years. I just need the next mission, I don't need the bloody life history of everyone I meet. It wasn't until Dragon Age that I gave Bioware another chance (since have gone back and played Mass Effect. Loved em). I know everyone seems to have some nostalgic love of KOTOR, but I tried multiple times to get into that game and just couldn't stop from being bored to tears. A new KOTOR game...I could take it or leave it.

Jedi Knights/Dark Forces I played all of but they never really stuck with me. The Force Unleashed had a cool story but just felt like a missed opportunity overall. I wouldn't mind seeing a resurrection of Shadows of the Empire. The Rogue Squadron games were a helluva lot of fun as well. shooters were all the rage back in the day but I don't know that they have any appeal these days. I used to love X-wing, Tie-Figher, Wing Commander, etc, but is anyone making space shooters any more? Didn't they just do a Star Trek one a few years ago that was good but no one bought it?

Star Wars: The Arcade Game ate up a good chunk of my time, and quarters, as a youth. Still brings a smile to my face. :)

darthv721963d ago

There already was a pod racer 2. it was called Racer Revenge and was exclusive to the PS2.

Not a bad game but not as much fun as the original on the DC and PC or the suped up Arcade version with full sit down pod racer cabinet.

smokelocc1963d ago

Everybody know you dont go full retard'!

Fergusonxplainsall1963d ago

Yes we can still have pod racing as in a GTA like Star Wars game.Take a break from bounty hunting or being a jedi to pod race with friends.

That would be sweet, take it to a whole other level EA. I want it all!

LoveOfTheGame1962d ago

You do realize that Dragon Age Origins and KOTOR are essentially the same game with different skins, which is why I love both.

I do wish though that somehow Obsidian would get the chance over Bioware...they have gone downhill over the years and I enjoyed KOTOR 2 over the first.

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DarthJay1963d ago

Yes, yes, yes, yes, take my money, here it is, make me those three games from those three studios. PLEASE!! Say what you want about EA, but I don't care, this is amazing, perfect and I couldn't think of three better studios to start working on games. Whatever they do, it will be great, because all of their games are awesome. So excited.

himdeel1963d ago

Player: "DAMN that dual light saber is nice!"
EA: "Yeah it is but if you want to use it that will be $1.99."
Player: "Hmm I think I'll just use the force."
EA: "Funny you should mention that, all force use is actually $4.99 plus an additional $1.99 for each use after 10 uses."
Player goes back to playing Star Wars on SNES.

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Root1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Well it could of been could of been Activision

Still 1313 will probably end up a let down and Battlefront 3 will be COD-ified

tristanwerbe1963d ago

well they already have 1313 and Battlefront 3 builds so they will most likely pick up off those

Root1963d ago

Hopefully....but you know what EA are like

MikeMyers1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Here we go again, pessimism at its finest.

This is great news because we will get some great core games and they are making new Star Wars movies for quite awhile now that Lucas sold it off. Some thought 1313 was going to be scrapped.

Root1963d ago

It's EA what the hell do you expect

Jeez Mike Myers to EA,s rescue...just like when people pointed out how crap dmc was.

"Oh goodness no guys, you have to actually buy the game if you want to judge it, even though we can all see it's going to be a letdown from previous DMC games"

You call people for having an opinion that dosen't match your own. I mean you don't see me coming onto your comments and getting mad because they don't match my views.

MikeMyers1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

No point in having an opinion saying Battlefield 3 will be like Call of Duty. We don't know anything about it yet. I guess some people just like to focus on the negatives more than the positives. It would be different if I were responding to someone who is quite level-headed and can show a positive attitude and a negative one. When most comments are negative the credibility gets tossed aside and comes across of more like whining and complaining than an opinion.

I just don't see any benefit in saying 1313 will be a letdown either other than trying to gather attention and hoping others will jump on-board waving their EA flags being burned. I view each game on their own. I don't think EA and then all of the sudden all their games are crap. NHL is the best sports games out there IMO. No point in generalizing unless you're trying to gather troops on the 'hate EA' campaign.

I don't see how being reasonable is coming to their rescue. Did I say these games will be great? Just awhile ago we thought they scrapped the games. Now they announce Star Wars is back. I see that as a positive because now we'll get to play them, you focus on the negatives.

GraveLord1963d ago

You can't get worse than EA. But really, they're the biggest publisher out there. Disney probably didn't have a choice.

pompombrum1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Why would Activision be worse? If they treated it like their next potential big thing, they'd give it the love and attention it needs to become their next successful franchise. Sure there would be DLC map packs but at least we wouldn't be paying to unlock lightsabers early.

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Dlacy13g1963d ago

It makes sense give EA and their history with Star Wars. Now lets hope 1313 is able to be resurrected from the ashes...

1963d ago