Gamers Are Completely Biased

CheatCC says: "A customer walks into GameStop. The encounter goes as follows:

Employee: “Welcome to GameStop, what can I get you today?”

Customer: “I’ve never owned a gaming console in my life. Which console should I purchase?”

That’s the most loaded question that could have been asked."

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MonkeyNinja1896d ago

Not EVERY gamer is biased. Most, yes. Most people in general are biased to some degree, like the article points out. But not all gamers wear their bias like a badge, like the article seems to suggest. Still, good article.

kirbyu1896d ago

"These people forget about the PS3, specifically the Little Big Planet franchise."

No, they DON'T LIKE lbp. If a game is fun is all opinion.

thebudgetgamer1896d ago

Of course I am, the Sega Master System is the best console ever created. Other consoles and gaming platforms aren't bad though.

WildArmed1896d ago

I agree with this.
Little master was my first console and little master has never been one-upped.

It's obvious all the students of lil' master failed, and never took on the mantle.

thebudgetgamer1896d ago

It's the first console I saved and payed my own money for. So it holds a really special place for me.

1896d ago
Corpser1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

It's fine people have biases but I wish people would be honest and don't pretend to be objective. I mean there are people here that are pro Sony in every comment, and of course they say every ps3 exclusive is great, their game of the year is always a ps3 exclusive, or they want a ps4 next gen lol, it's like people never read their own comment history

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