My Type Of Countdown: Top 5 Innovations In Super Mario Brothers 3

Super Mario Brothers 3 is one of the best Mario games around but what makes the game so great?

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gamerlive1897d ago

Mario is keeping Nintendo alive with the Wii U flop.

YoureINMYWay851897d ago

Wii U sucks there are no games

creHEARTive1897d ago

great series. Nintendo is nothing without Mario. That is part of the problem.

NewJersian1897d ago

It seems like Nintendo has been following the same trend the last few times they have launched a system. Bring the system out, have a weak launch lineup. Then either lower the price and then bring out the heavy hitters or just try and tread water until they bring out the heavy hitters. DS did it, GameCube did it, 3DS did it, and looks like Wii U is doing it too. If the Wii U is in the same boat it is now at the end of the year, then it might be time to consider it another Virtual Boy.