The Art Of: The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena – gallery

EDGE - It wouldn't be a sci-fi prison break without some illusory skyscraper of cells depicted by just a few actors in a room. Here it's Revas' 'trophy cabinet' of curious and valuable inmates, which in game terms means an exquisite line-up of full-body-performance-captured NPCs. Among them are the weary but industrious Dacher (Lance Henriksen); the repugnant Jaylor (Jovan Rameau), source of the most emphatic C-bomb in voiceover history; Exbob (Mark Ivanir), perhaps the first ever mo-capped masturbator; Silverman (Heidi Schooler), a frantic mother whose daughter is loose on the ship; and Senate (William Morgan Sheppard), Revas' captor, mentor and, later, victim.

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