PlayStation Plus May Update: Sleeping Dogs Free for Members

Please extend a warm welcome to Square-Enix’s thrilling crime drama Sleeping Dogs, joining the Instant Game Collection tomorrow! You’ll also find a sweet discount on the award-winning indie, Papo & Yo. There’s more where that came from, so read on. As always, let us know what you think in the comments.

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xHeavYx1604d ago

"But... But... North America doesn't get good games!"

LOGICWINS1604d ago

Doesn't change the fact that EU PS Plus gets MORE good games...and earlier too.

b_one1604d ago

Some ppl here in EU says that US gets cool stuff :D not EU

-GametimeUK-1604d ago

As far as IGC goes we get better games imo and we usually get them first. The US store in general gets better games, features, avatars etc and usually gets them first.

still can't purchase CSGO and Retro City Rampage took ages. Also, even though people paid for a Season Pass for Walking Dead our content arrived late. Throw in the fact if a game gets priced $50 on the store it will likely be £50 on our store. It really shouldn't work that.

ZodTheRipper1604d ago

Oh well ...Germany doesn't even get any mature games on PS Plus. Talk about unfair now. But it's still the best subscription service ever made :)

Eyeco1604d ago

Yep I got Hitman Absolution beat it last night, pretty decent I'm also currently playing through Okami HD, I love PS Plus

EVILDEAD3601604d ago

Yes but I see why EU members brag about Plus so much. Sleeping Dogs is a good pickup for the service though.


yesmynameissumo1604d ago

"Doesn't change the fact that EU PS Plus gets MORE good games...and earlier too."

For some reason, this reminds me of a fat kid upset they didn't get enough sprinkles in their ice cream, as soon as they wanted.

Point being: Regardless the region, PlayStation Plus is awesome.

Army_of_Darkness1604d ago

My copy of sleeping dogs is still sealed lol! Oh well, since i get it free i might as well download it :-)

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R_aVe_N1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

I think the North American store is month's behind the EU store. The EU has had so many good games its not even funny. As far as Plus goes I prefer the EU store

TheSaint1603d ago

Then get a EU plus account, it's not difficult.

LOGICWINS1604d ago

What kinda irks me is the amount of Vita titles EU PS Plus members are getting. DOA Plus, Zero Escape, MGS Collection etc.

Sony keeps padding the US collection with PSP games and low budget Vita titles. I'd like to see P4: Golden on Vita sometime this year to revive my faith in the service.

porkChop1603d ago

Yup, I agree. The way NA Vita subscribers are treated is insulting. Most of the games we've gotten have been "filler" garbage that didn't sell. I've got a PS3 as well so it's still worth it for me, but I feel sorry for the Vita-only subscribers.

The 6 permanent IGC games are being switched out in June though, so I'm hoping for some good Vita games. Not sure what they'd put up though since the "permanent" games are supposed to be Sony 1st party games. I could see PSAS:BR for both Vita and PS3, not sure what else though.

Y_51501603d ago

4 playable Vita titles coming to Vita this month, that's pretty good! I cannot wait to try those games out.

jdktech20101604d ago

EU got this a year yea

wolokowoh1603d ago

In video game years, 3 months= a year. Are we on Mercury? It hasn't even been a year since Sleeping Dogs was released.

jdktech20101602d ago

I thought it was last fall...meh, so I didn't fact check

DangerouslyJack1604d ago

I'm sick of children acting as if ONE games suddenly erases months of garbage.

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ebreda1604d ago

Nice. Never got around to playing it before, so now I'll have a chance do try True Crime: Hong Kong, er, Sleeping Dogs.

Clover9041604d ago

It's an absolutely amazing game. I'm looking forward to be able to go back and play it again.

JAM_brz1604d ago

Why the game is so amazing? Everybody are saying this but nobody said why... I never played, just read from others that the game have a excelent story...

Still, I will try the game, of course...

matrixman921604d ago

why so many fighting games? I would honestly rather have CoD declassified over another fighting game

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