Could This Be The Cast of Metal Gear Solid: The Movie?

"Kojima Productions announced last August that a movie of Metal Gear Solid was in production. We know Avi Arad is producing the film, but little else has been alighted on in terms of staff or cast. Considering the movie is set in Alaska, there's a high chance it will (at least partially) follow the story of the first Metal Gear Solid game."

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JAM_brz1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

I really don't care too much about the cast, as long as they make a legit movie about Metal Gear, with a good director and good actors, and I mean no need for stars. The more important: without change the story like they did in Resident Evil. But of course, they can't tell the saga in just one movie...

TotalHitman1900d ago

I doubt the film will even happen.

kirbyu1900d ago

I'd MUCH rather see a Mario movie. I know there already was one, and, although I did like it, I want to see one that can be considered canon.

Maldread1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

This is just daydreaming. Imagine the cost to include all those stars. I doubt many of them would be interested in such "small roles" too.

I would prefer the CGI route if they have to make a movie, so that they could get the original voices and with better graphics. That way some of those that won`t play MGS1 bacause it`s old, will a least get a taste of what makes it one of the best, if not THE best game of all time.

I`m really unsure how well a MGS-movie would be anyhow, but maybe it would be better with completely unknown actors to get a fresh take on it and not be Bale`s next film or whatever.

And if i really could dream it would be fun to have Tarantino as a director, because he makes great and self-reference movies that could fit MGS well ;)

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