The Sims 4 doesn't require online connection

The Sims 4 was announced and during the presentation, Maxis confirmed it won't require online connection to be played.

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a_squirrel1933d ago

Seems like EA got the message.

3-4-51932d ago

Best part about these games are building the houses.

They need to include a House Auction where people can buy and sell their houses they make.

Also include endless neighborhoods to interconnect with from our own game and into the online game if we choose to do so as well.

Give us more creative options.

Get rid of the pointless stuff like eating and drinking and going to bathroom and all the other non-sense that eventually makes the game not as enjoyable as it should be.

DS361933d ago

If it were always online, I think it would have been a bigger joke than the SimCity debacle.

fermcr1933d ago

I don't play nor care about the Sims.

... but i think for the type of game the Sims is, it made more sense for it being a game with permanent online connection then simcity ( * cough * simvilage * cough *) was. The next step for the Sims would be kind of like a MMO type of game.

1933d ago