Pacific Rim Game Screenshots: Guillermo del Toro's Giant Robots

Pacific Rim: There are some leaked screenshots from the recently announced Pacific Rim game that depict some hot robot on alien action. All the robots from the movie trailer show up and it looks like there is a build-your-own robot mode with a level-up function.

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Derekvinyard131538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

I smell yet another half assed video game based off a movie

Qrphe1538d ago

This movie will be our only chance of every seeing a Gundam movie in the future.

Sam Fisher1538d ago

Did anyone realize that these monsters look like shadow of the collases, and big O robots

ironfist921538d ago

Hope this doesnt taint the epic movie in any way. Pacific Rim is like a childhood dream come true.

Tatsuya 1538d ago

This is gonna suck ass just like any other movie tie ins. I had huge hope for that Star Trek game and it turn out to be mediocre. I did enjoy walking around the Enterprise but that's it.

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