New Wolfenstein game from iD?

Bethesda released a teaser image today on Twitter about a new game, but also tweeted Bethesda is not developing the game. Members on the NeoGaf forum found that two new Wolfenstein domains were registered at the same time Bethesda's new game "The Evil Within" domain was registered further speculating on a new Wolfenstein game.

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wallis1967d ago

If it's iD it's Doom 4. Bethesda has already restructured iD to focus the entire team on their current title and leaked images show that said title was Doom 4. Further more it would be stupid to go down the road of Wolfenstein - it's been milked recently and didn't work out. iD needs to prove itself in this age and the release of Doom 3 BFG clearly shows what franchise is getting beefed up with money/marketing/effort.

Honestly - I'd love another good series of id games but they were rapidly out maneuvered by half life over a freaking decade ago. Rage shows that they're still struggling getting their heads around mechanics that were tripping them up years ago and perhaps most devastating of all they NEVER invested in their writing and creative departments. Games are a creative medium, more so than ever, and releasing AAA titles like Rage just shows how pathetic iD's writing department is. Everything about the game part of Rage was amazing, but as an interactive experience it felt like fallout-fan fiction that was written by someone who had only ever read the back of fallout's box.