Why a Battlefield 4 commander feature is important

"A commander in the game would add a whole new tactical layer to the gameplay" - BF4Central

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fattyuk1967d ago

would make sense,

kind like how MAG how team leaders and that

Coltrane_C1966d ago

I have no idea why you got disagrees for that but if it is like MAG It would be awesome

Elwenil1966d ago

Probably because a Battlefield Commander, as in BF2, is nothing like a Squad Leader in MAG. Both are leadership positions, but the BF Commander is much more strategic and you have a lot more stuff you can do besides just tell people where to go.

CerebralAssassin1966d ago

adding a commander feature would be more like an older Battlefield game not like mag. Like BF2142

TheKingslayer1966d ago

This is actually really a great addition. Lots of times it's hard to organize your team. So from a tactical standpoint this will really give the game a lift in mulltiplayer cooperation with team members.

TheColbertinator1966d ago

Looking forward to organizing a strong clan from this mode.

Wenis1966d ago

Commander will be pointless if BF4 goes the BF3 route, with the run-and-gun COD style gameplay. Theres no room for that old BF2 type strategic gameplay there.

Rearden1966d ago

That would be a sad thing if they tried and go after the COD market...

Vladplaya1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

If they tried and go?

Have you been playing last couple battlefield games? Because we are sooo deep in CoDland right now, its sad.

It would be great if they would stop making CoD out of Battlefield, and go back to more tactical and skill based rout.

Veni Vidi Vici1966d ago

That was my biggest complaint for BF3. The commander was awesome but just needs to do more. I would love it if there was something similar to Natural Selection 2 where the commander could give orders and help in multiple ways but also upgrade things and abilities for his team. How well the team does helps the commander do his job. It's a symbiotic relationship. I would love that in a BF game.

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