Two Signs That Battlefield 4 Might Seriously Have Dinosaurs

Whether or not you count yourself as a skeptic, rumors have been circulating that Battlefield 4 will include dinosaurs in some capacity. This would be a rather unprecedented move for the franchise, but not entirely out of left field believe it or not.

While it sounds like a pretty far fetched concept, when you take into account the massive success that Activision has had with the Treyarch-developed Zombies mode in Call of Duty, it seems logical that EA would try to emulate that success in the next Battlefield game.

Here are two pretty credible rumors that suggest DICE really might be including a dinosaur-mode of sorts in Battlefield 4.

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JonniTheJuicyJ1902d ago

Will buy this if it has Dinosaur's.
Way to finally come up with something semi-original EA!

Blacktric1902d ago

I'll buy it when it drops to less than 30 bucks in price. If it turns out to have dinosaurs that is. People have been screaming in their forums for a Battlefield 3 DLC that had dinosaurs... We got 3+ generic DLCs that ended up destroying the game's balance and created a gap between people who had DLCs and people who didn't.

Screw EA and screw DICE.

vallencer1901d ago

So screw EA and DICE because they brought content to a multitude of fans who enjoyed it?? Screw them all because you didn't like it nor wanted to purchase them? It's a FPS the DLC isn't going to be super amazing its all multiplayer stuff. The multiplayer isn't that unbalanced as far as weapons go. As far as ranks in matches go then yes it is unbalanced there. It is a little frustrating going into a match as a lvl 5 admiral and playing against level 100.

ZombieNinjaPanda1901d ago

"it's a FPS the DLC isn't going to be super amazing"

It's amazing that you're trying to justify and defend this.

Blacktric1901d ago

"So screw EA and DICE because they brought content to a multitude of fans who enjoyed it??"

A lot of people also enjoy Call Of Duty. A lot of people also enjoy watching Transformers or reading Twilight.

Too bad that doesn't make them any better.

ginsunuva1902d ago

But we gave them the idea. They came up with nothing.

SilentNegotiator1902d ago

Didn't the part with the dinosaur toy start the whole thing?

Septic1901d ago


No it was a result of 4Chan trolling an Infinity Ward Community Exec (or similar role) when the latter person asked for feedback on Modern Warfare 2.

SilentNegotiator1901d ago

...really? Well that's stupid.

Trunkz Jr1901d ago

BF3 was probably already being developed when the whole Dinosaurs thing came, would you really want to wait another year just for dinosaurs? At least now that their using an upgraded engine it could be possible to start off right away with Dino's.

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Xandet1901d ago

Yes please and thank you.

Irishguy951902d ago

Why not? I know...most dinosaur games are ****...but..maybe Dice can do an extra mode that does them justice. Zombies are infinitely easier to do well than Dinos...but...still. Dinos always have the potential for an amazing game

Snookies121902d ago

I agree somewhat. I don't want it in the actual story or main multi-player modes. However, if there's a game mode with them? Sure thing!

Ser1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

god yes

It would be their best-selling DLC. I would play the crap out of this. DICE + dinosaurs? Yeah, I'll pay for that.

Blastoise1901d ago

Or you know...just put it in the game?

Ser1900d ago

And miss an opportunity to make more money? Come on, this is EA we're talking about.

Jayjayff1901d ago

God no... indeed.
That would awfully take away from the battlefield feel. Especially since they're looking for a gritty look, it just doesn't work. I'm not denying they could make it fun, but the game as a whole, would lose its charm.

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ahamling271902d ago

I think it would be sweet if they had something like this. Maybe going even farther and making a TDM like Primal Carnage, but with the Frostbite engine.

It would be pretty awesome to slam around as a T-Rex, while the buildings and environment around you are crumbling. :D

Conzul1901d ago

Guarantied buy for me if they add dino mode.

I wanna be a pterodactyl and sweep snipers off of rooftops.

I wanna be a chameleon dinosaur with poison gland upgrades and stealth around biting enemy soldiers.

I wanna be a velociraptor with a pounce upgrade so I can ... um... pounce stuff.

rasputiny1902d ago

Adding dinosaurs might be exactly what this franchise needs.

LOL_WUT1902d ago

It'll be a fresh new take on the series I think it'll be a nice welcome. ;)

crazypenguin081902d ago

Make it their horde mode, fight off waves of dinosaurs. 10/10 would buy

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