Battlefield 4 - Yet Another New Screenshot

DSOGaming writes: "The developer and the publisher of this highly anticipated first-person shooter has released another new screenshot, showcasing the great visuals that their Frostbite 3.5 engine is capable of."

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taquito1898d ago

that's some tasty pc graphics right there

Wenis1898d ago

Yea if your into washed-out, high contrast graphics that literally make your eyes start to hurt after playing it for 15 minutes

iistuii1898d ago

Lol, hope your talking about the console versions ? The PC version of Battlefield 3 is in a different league to that textureless jaggie, blurry mess on consoles, & Battlefield 4 looks like it'll be just as nice.

dirthurts1898d ago

"Washed-out, high contrast"

Mini05101898d ago

what the fuck are you shitting...

DeadManMcCarthy1898d ago

Omar's coming!

(I hope there are The Wire fans on N4G)