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Submitted by doctorstrange 1011d ago | article

Playstation Store Preview – May 7th, 2013: Blown a Fuse

Welcome to the start of the Summer drought. There’s not much to say, because there’s not much coming in this week’s update. Still, check it all out—one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And hey, at least we’ve got some new game announcements coming this week to keep everything interesting. - PSLS (Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, Fuse, Little Big Planet Karting, PS Vita, PS3)

doctorstrange  +   1011d ago
So many games...
Sev  +   1011d ago
So little time.
ShabbaRanks  +   1010d ago

I got it like a month ago -_-
Wedge19  +   1011d ago
Finally the slow season is picking up steam!
dbjj12088  +   1011d ago
Really excited for Fuse. Anyone else for PS3 co-op?
TrendyGamers  +   1011d ago
I'll be downloading Sleeping Dogs as soon as the Store updates tomorrow.
ftwrthtx  +   1011d ago
Sleeping Dogs for free!!! Sweet!
alexcosborn  +   1011d ago
Sleeping Doggies!
MontyQ  +   1011d ago
pound puppies
sashimi  +   1011d ago
Too many games not enough time still replaying Square games! Backlog overwhelming me!
mrmarvel29  +   1011d ago
TRON vehicles for littlebigplanet karting looks awesome!
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thechosenone  +   1011d ago
When is Hotline Miami, Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery going to be released? :'(
knifefight  +   1010d ago
Hotline Miami is what I'm waiting for too!
Innervision  +   1010d ago
God damn PS+, relax a minute man...I still haven't even touched Darksiders or Vanquish yet, and now you're throwing Sleeping Dogs at me? Give me some time to breathe, fuck.

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