Call of Duty: Ghosts Already Set to Stomp Battlefield 4

May 1st has marked the official announcement of Call of Duty: Ghosts. After a few weeks of some pretty precise rumors players minds were put at ease when Activision finally announced that the rumors were basically true. What we have learned as far as in-game details so far is that the upcoming game in the renowned series will be set in a future setting with modern weapons; there is an entirely new cast of characters and an entirely new plotline. Call of Duty: Ghosts is going to be the next-generation of Call of Duty which is a huge statement considering we are talking about the franchise that completely overtook the current console generation that we are currently gaming on.

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TheSuperior 2049d ago

considering Battlefield 3 was half the game call of duty ever was and the fact that BF3 wasnt truly even playable the first few days of release I hope ghosts does better.

Hydrolex2048d ago

that's some good stuff ! who is your dealer ?

Peppino72048d ago

Sales Dont = quality, but they do help in the stomping competition argument.

SolidStoner2048d ago

If ghosts will have a new engine, I will watch gameplay and reviews and if I like it I will buy it and give it a second chance.. (well fifth chance :)) meantime Im 100% confident I will buy Battlefield 4 first, after playing BF3 and COD:BO2.. BF3 is just 10 times better period..

and you know cod is not doing big leaps forward like battlefield do... but this time it can change, will see!

Autodidactdystopia2048d ago

Dude Battlefield is a whole other caliber game, call of duky is a .22 for angry kids who don't like "humiliation"

battlefield is a 72mm helicopter round. the game is huge, its epic, and it looks/sounds better in all ways.

"ghost set to stomp battlefield 4" haha set to maybe try to stomp on its toe.

Kevin ButIer2048d ago

Stomp... no way, COD trend is in decline, It'll sell well but not everyone is eating this crap anymore

_-EDMIX-_2048d ago

Lol I'm surprised that in this day in age people are still comparing battlefield to call of duty.

call me when these guys write up the gran trismo vs need for speed article.

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vitullo312048d ago

superior must be on crack cod sucks

Statix2048d ago

Black Ops 2 is STILL broken and near-unplayable--6 months after launch--with its horrendous lag compensation and lag issues that render it impotent as a competitive online shooter:

GraveLord2048d ago

It's completely playable to me. Good for you that found a video of the game lagging. How does that prove anything?

Statix2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )


Did you even watch the video? Even on LAN and split-screen games (where players are supposed to enjoy a lag-free experience of ~0ms ping) Black Ops 2 has a "built-in" lag of 150ms ping added to EVERY player. This 100% proven, built-in lag completely precludes the game from serious consideration as a skill-based shooter. Any competitive gamer who's played many online FPS games will laugh you off the street if you think 150ms ping is good!

Keep in mind that this 150ms built-in lag is only for LAN and split-screen. When playing online, the amount of built-in extra lag is MUCH worse--you can get up to 1000ms ping of extra lag depending on your connection to the host! This crazy amount of lag that Treyarch built into the game is why you constantly die after running behind cover, or why enemies kill you before you can even see them--the frequency with which these things occur depending on how laggy the other players in the game are.

"Unplayable" may not be the most exacting term to describe Black Ops 2. After all, it IS playable (at times)... even though the experience on the whole sucks. "Extremely inconsistent" and "random" are better ways to describe the experience of playing Black Ops 2. The extremely inconsistent lag and gameplay experience renders the game a terrible experience, wherein your level of success is completely luck-based and connection-based, rather than based on your skill and reaction time.

Watch the video again, and then see if you can come up with a proper rebuttal next time.

grayfoxx8812048d ago

I don't think Black Ops 2 is anywhere near being broken and unplayable, and I'm usually one of the first to criticise its' shortcomings.

I bought that game at launch for PS3 and haven't had any problems. My friends on LIVE have never mentioned anything. I have no idea how it runs on the PC.

It's fine to not like a particular game or genre, but it's a little childish to blatantly lie about it.

T22047d ago

He isn't blatantly lying. Have you ever played the game and watched the killcams? They aren't even close. It's almost random sometimes as you can be kiled before you even round a corner but of course the killcam shows you running out of cover with your thumb up your a..

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Kte2048d ago

Yeah sorry but no I disagree completely. BF3 half the game? LOL BF3 had way better aspects of a FPS game then COD EVER WILL so LOL to you my good sir. COD is a fast paced FPS while BF3 focuses on the real type of shooting, and just every aspect to follow. For example, I can run and gun no problem in in call of duty, in fact online was fun just because I can run and kill quick. BF3, different story, first off the field really makes the game more in depth, when shit blows up, can you really sit here and say that it's not like something in the real world you would deal with if you were in war? and with BF4?!?!, yeah NO screw call of duty lol they would have had me if this new one had zombies, but guess ill stick with Bops2 for my zombie fun

Donnieboi2048d ago

@TheSuperior: In most of your comments, You praise COD as if it isn't a stale P.O.S.; you say that MS is more hardcore despite it's focus on apps and Kinect, and no exclusives); and use Saints Row 3 as your avatar.

You couldn't be more "bro-dude" if your name was Cliffy B.

Yeah, we should really give your opinion's serious consideration. s/

superterabyte2048d ago

@TheSuperior I don't want to jump to conclusions but considering your avatar is 'saints row 3' you may not have a high IQ.

Prcko2048d ago

go browse some other site plz,this place is not for you
137 disagrees :DD
you need to candidate for guiness world records

USMC_POLICE2048d ago

You sir are what I like to call and uneducated moron.

IAmLee2048d ago

Whoever wrote this clearly isn't a fanboy. /s

violents2048d ago

If Cod was anywhere nears as good as BF3's MP than I would agree, SP mabey but MP, BF3 handsdown on MP!

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TheGrimBunny2049d ago

Whoa I dunno about this but COD always does something crazy to up the anti and it is Infinity Ward's turn to publish the COD title.

TheSuperior 2049d ago

Kind of looking forward to seeing what both games could do with next gen consoles right around the corner you know.

AngryEnglish2048d ago

But we all know the Infinity Ward that's devolping this game is not the Infinity Ward that gave us CoD, CoD 2, CoD 4 MW, and MW2, for me the last good CoD was MW, it was amazing when it released, MW3 was just shit.

Most of infinity ward are now a part of respawn.


Angry is right ever since Zampella and West left IW hasn't been the same... the rushed project that was MW2 with the early bugs/glitches was an early sign until they left in March after not receiving their bonuses from Acti. Then MW3 comes and goes with no big bang and with sledgehammer games picking up the slack as far as MP is concerned... Ghosts hasn't been revealed but then again... I think this year we should all take a year off of COD and play some GTA V

T22047d ago

ya i would argue that MW3 is worse than BOPS2, so i will gladly skip IW's next COD

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