Enough With the Prequels, Already

Kotaku - The tepid critical and commercial reaction to this year's God of War and Gears of War prequels will hopefully send a message that I've been wanting the powers that be in all of entertainment to receive for years: Many of us who like a thing don't care about what happened before whatever happened in the thing we liked.

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ichimaru1903d ago

well no one wants to release a sequel this close to the end of a console cycle. a prequel does enough to keep a series relevant and gives leeway way play with the story since, you know we weren't there

ShugaCane1903d ago

I have nothing against prequels. Actually, if I had somehting against them, then I should dislike sequels as well, since it's basically the same thing but in a different chronological order..or whatever. Anyway, I like prequels because I enjoy seing how the characters ended up being who they are.

ichimaru1902d ago

excatly. I like to know a character's past

ziggurcat1903d ago

hey kraptaku - enough with the articles, already.