Hilarious FIFA Fails Fall Down—but They Don't Flop

Kotaku - FIFA, we kid because we love. You are one of the Big Four—the best sports video games each year. But you know the risks of having a real-time physics engine: It means the occasional noggin' knockin' (and salad-tossin') in this anthology of wild moments via Rooster Teeth's Achievement Hunter. (NSFW language.)

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josephayal1962d ago

It's pretty sad that sports games are usually boring

fattyuk1962d ago

shame about the American commentating.

Theyd probalay appreciate football(soccer) if the players where covered head to toe in armour,


shut up. american football players are covered in armor because its a full blown contact sport. unlock in soccer, where even the slightest touch from another players foot leads to 5 minutes of players sobbing on the ground to draw a card.

dont get me wrong, i enjoy the occasional soccer match when i catch it on the tube. im just saying, you dont have to talk shit about a completely irrelevant sport just because other people dont like the one you like.

fattyuk1962d ago

Not heard of rugby.

Also yes there is diving In football but "rolling around for 5 minutes" is an exaggeration.

Think your the one talking "shit" around here.

Ok darling??


BlackTar1871962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

lol i played soccer in middle school and some in high school. Talk about a sport full of pansies lol. Too harsh and im jk'ing. I also watch it on TV every now and then but saying in Armour likes its a bad thing then watching a soccer player get brushed on the shoulder from someone and flail to the ground crying is pretty pathetic. Put these soccer player in pads keep the rules the way they are and watch as they still flail and flop and pretend to be injured.

fattyuk1962d ago

pretty certain the first 2 got yellow cards for diving, could of least posted Luis smiling on Sunday that would of been a better example!

KillrateOmega1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Soccer seems a lot more rapey than I remember...

juaburg1962d ago

In my opinion, Rugby is waaaay better than American football if you bring up contact sport argument. No offence.