Microsoft's Next Console Could Outsell The PS4, Here's Why

Mobile & Apps: "The next generation Xbox announcement is just a few weeks away. Come May 21, Microsoft will attempt to get gamers excited to enter the next generation by purchasing an Xbox 720, but how will Microsoft do this? How will the giant from Redmond walk away victorious ahead of both Sony and Nintendo?"

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GalacticEmpire1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

So the wise folk at mobilenapps dot com think that Xbox 3 will sell more because of timed exclusives, Kinect and entertainment/tv/music/movie apps.

Well, it's possible but just how probable?

@Godchild Yeah last place (awaiting solid confirmation) but this time they don't have a head start.

@KarmicDemon Exactly, the PS4 looks to bring the whole package without neglecting the gamers but we've yet to see MS's stand on this, all will be revealed soon.

Godchild10201841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

I guess you can look at how it did for them this Generation.

dedicatedtogamers1841d ago

If we did that, then we'd notice the article's premise is false, since doing that landed MS third place worldwide.

Third place is the opposite of outselling the competition, for those who aren't keeping track.

darthv721841d ago

generally follow a certain formula. They look at how they did against themselves 1st and the competition 2nd.

this is why all those sales stats are done the way they are. they compare each territory individually to see the strong areas and the weaker ones.

They look at the current sales number vs the same from the year prior. They compare their current offering on the market to whatever their previous offer was over the course of the same timeframe.

All of this is what give these companies the futurecast or potential sell through within a given time frame.

After all of that....then they take the competition into consideration to see how well they did against other companies within the same market during the same time frame.

all of those numbers can be complex to understand to us on the outside. So we deduce what the numbers 'should' mean by adding them up and then doing a straight old fashioned comparison.

The end result may give interesting results that we think are black and white but they tell a different story to the investors and members of the board.

Thankfully, i invest my $$ across a wide range of platform holders in the gaming industry. In my situation, I am always backing the right horse and have not been disappointed yet. Well, i guess jaguar was sort of a let down but its worth more as a collectors item now than a gaming platform so i still win.

ShugaCane1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

"If you seriously believe no one would choose a console with a high play on entertainment features over a console that focuses mainly on gaming, think again."

I would rather say, over a console that focuses mainly on gaming, and with a high play on entertainment features...

zeal0us1841d ago

Microsoft's Next Console Could Outsell The PS4. Sony's PS4 could outsell Microsoft's Next Consoles.

Honestly these assumptions are getting silly, if they aren't already.

famoussasjohn1841d ago

Analysts gotta throw out their ideas somehow unfortunately.

EVILDEAD3601841d ago

The Xbox 720 absolutely has the chance to outsell the PS4 in the places it's always outsold the PS4. (Us/Canada and even the UK), but the PS4 will still sell in a place that the 720 may never sell and that is Japan.

So it's feasible to say that the numbers will continue as they have this current gen, unless of course the 720 literally steals the majority of the Nintendo's old audience).

With the e-mail rumor essentially confirming that the 720 will play games offline and include a Blu-ray then that does bode well.

But, in my opinion there is merit to believing at MS could significantly outsell the Xbox 360 in the long run.

From the rumors and speculation we could possibly see a situation where the 720 has:

- All of the major core IPs for the hardcore 360 gamers from last gen and new ones form Respawn, Black Tusk, and others

- An improved Xbox Live

- Backwards compatibility for all games whether on Live and retail.

- Blu-Ray and a HDMI-IN to allow Live TV and through the system for Cable guides, etc. Who knows what will come out of this.

- Windows 8 with the whatever apps and connectivity through your PC that none of us know at the moment

At the end of the day, millions of 360 core will be there at launch. (Especially if Live transfer is seemless).

Again, I think the Xbox for everybody approach that MS is taking has merit if it's grounded and backed up with good games and worthy features.

Sony will have great games and features as well for the PS4.

My thoughts again are you are going to see both consoles potentially with great success.


AngelicIceDiamond1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

@Galactic and @Dedicatedtogamers Again, how is MS in "last place?"

I have no clue where people are getting this still. I guess its cool to make up stuff now.

This is the second article. A "win" article. Its funny because these are probably the same people who were writing fail articles the past 2 months. Expect more "win" articles.

The only reason this is around is because MS reveal is in two weeks. When it was soo far away from reveal it was doomed.

I Don't agree with the article. In fact nobody really knows what MS and Sony can do to "win" anything. Sony and MS this gen are even. They've lived together in the market fine, no problem. Even when Sony botched the PS3 at launch, look where its at now? 2 new potential GOTY's are a foot.

Both are doing fine and are even.

avengers19781840d ago

Yes they could. I mean they never have... Even with a year head start.

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hennessey861841d ago

I really don't care who sells more consoles, I learned this gen that having both consoles is a must if you want to enjoy the best games.

0pie1841d ago

Stupid article, i dont see how they can telle the new xbox will outsell the ps4 since we know nothing about the new xbox.

I guess this article is made by a xbox fanboy.

Theo11301841d ago

The Xbox might do really well if they use the similar subsidized model $99 dollar xbox, especially if you can pick one up at $300 plus 2 year Live subscription.

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