Kingdom Hearts 3 | Keys To Greatness

Although Kingdom Hearts 3 is not in development yet, there is a sense of fear throughout the internet that the game could end up a huge disappointment. As a big time Kingdom Hearts fan, I’m here to offer my input on what Kingdom Hearts 3 must have to be equally better than it’s predecessors.

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ShugaCane1967d ago

Treasure Planet yes please !! That would be awesome. I never thought of it, although it's one of my favourite Disney movies :)

brodychet1967d ago

no. not john carter. didn't like pirates of the caribbean, and wont like any other non-animated story line in the game.

M-M1966d ago

I miss Kingdom Hearts, hopefully it's a PS4 exclusive, since the MAIN KH games have been exclusive to Sony.

trenso11966d ago

if you think Dream Drop distance isn't important then i don't know what to tell you.

trenso11966d ago

i can agree with everything but john carter i don't want to see that