NVIDIA's GeForce 9800 GX2 Officially Ready to Shred Your Wallet

Engagetget writes:

"Not like we needed NVIDIA (of all companies) to tell us that the GeForce 9800 GX2 was more than a figment of our imagination, but nevertheless, one of the worst kept secrets in GPU history is finally "official." Reportedly, this beast of a card is available today from a number of retailers for upwards of $600 (MSRP), and just in case you're not absolutely sure such graphical prowess is really worth that kind of change, feel free to take a glance at early tests and the full review listed below before digging into that 401(k)."

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decapitator3927d ago

Let it. I have been thinking of building a rig to that can run Crysis and most importantly, Starcraft 2. I might pick this up.

Superiorrior3927d ago

For the price of the card, you'll be better off buying an SLI set up, seeing how the the benchmarks aren't that impressive for the price.

ps360s3927d ago

Well if money is no problem for you liek myself I say pick it up but if it is then theres other cards less then that price you can get that can run Crysis full

Bleucrunch3927d ago

You know dam well this card is gonna kick A$$ Open up them wallets.

bumnut3927d ago

Just checked on ebuyer (uk) and this card retails for £412

I can almost build a quad 3870 crossfire setup for that much