Why Microsoft's Next Xbox Will Likely Come With a Monthly Subscription

Video game fans across the globe are already pinching pennies in preparation for the launch of next-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony, but they may not have to pinch quite so many as they did last generation.

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GalacticEmpire1755d ago

"Cell phone carriers have more than proven that people are willing to pay a little extra over a long period of time in lieu of one big lump sum."

Bad comparison because you HAVE to have some kind of subscription in order to use your cell/mobile, whereas for consoles it's not a necessity.

A better deal would be to offer a discounted console when you take out or add a years sub for xbl/ps+.

Simon_Brezhnev1755d ago

I know right its not like you can take your xbox everywhere like a phone.

FamilyGuy1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

Completely wrong, pre-paid cell phone services such as MetroPcs don't have a subscription. You pay monthly and can stop at any time without penalty.

ps3_pwns1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

ouch but if eveything has a monthly pament you wont be able to save money this stuff adds up.

cellphone monthly bill lets say 60 a month
car insurance monthly bill - 70 a month
internet monthly bill 30+ a month
netflix 9.99 a month
now xbox 15 a month

this stuff adds up you cant expect xbox to be the only monthly subscription you have and i was low balling these monthly payments for many and not even including all monthly payments some people may have. i dont want monthly payments for everything and i doubt ps+ will be required for online play so ps4 is the way everyone should go unless they have a lot of money but i doubt that you people do the fact that you dont have a ps3 or a bluray player in the first place for whatever stupid reason and probably not even an hdtv. if you have an hdtv its a waste if you dont have a blueray player. maximize the use of the items you buy and buy the items that are the best deals and bang for your buck. people dont do this and thats why they will always remain poor in order to be a fanboy and or follow there friends to xbl.

also ps plus actually gives you free games and dlc and discount prices on games so its actually worth it to get it so you actually arent losing the cash you spend on that if you are a hardcore gamer while on xbox 360 you get nothing for xblive just the ability to play the games you already bought online so xbox users when they buy a new game only can play half of it unless they pay the monthly fee to unlock and play mutliplayer while all playstation gamers can play every part of the game they buy. xbox 30 is a rip off time to change to the ps4 and let sony take the lead this gen and your friends will fallow.. its callled being smart. also you all suck at achievements anyways and arent even close to the top achievement whores so its best to start fresh in a new gen where you actually have a chance to be top dog trophy/achievement whore. round 2 of trophies/ achievements need to be a clean slate fresh start.

Campy da Camper1755d ago

Its all about what I get for my money. For me, I want games. Awesome games. I pay for psplus right now because Sony provides me with games for my subscription cost. I get my saves backed up and updates downloaded automatically. This makes my games easier to manage and play. I also get access to full games to play each month. Some minis, trials, and full releases. This to me is worth the cost.

If MS does a similar thing I would pay for live on the next Xbox. Unfortunately, I can only base it off their current set up and paying money to play mp or use nextflix or Facebook isn't worth it. I do hope ms does get back into the "gamer first" mindset. I enjoyed halo and gears and alan wake when I had a 360. Once it died though, there was really nothing convincing me to buy another. Sony had just released the metal gear solid bundle and well, the rest is history.

Supermax1755d ago

Here's hopeing everyone realizes ps will begin subscriptions for multiplayer,hate to bust that open.nothin worth anything is free in life

Reborn1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

Why would Sony do that? PS Plus has been doing exceptionally well. It's doing its job. If people enjoy what's flowing, people will continue to renew.

Playing online will remain free, and PS Plus will be expanded. That's what I see coming.

Regarding MS, I see them incorporating more things into LIVE, enhancing it's value. I don't see them going fully free to play online. The model they've has worked.

oof461755d ago

Business wise, Sony shot themselves in the foot by saying PSN would always be free and then seeing how much money Microsoft continually makes off of subscriptions.

While I don't think Sony will charge to play online, they'll come up with something for the ps4 that will make people want to upgrade from free to paid.

punisher991755d ago

Unfortunately, you are wrong. Because Sony has already stated that PSN was gonna remain free.

OOG1755d ago

even though I don't disagree with you... id be interested in you finding that quote where they actually said that.. Oo

Reborn1754d ago


"We're continually looking at offering new forms of premium content & services, that will further enhance consumers experiences & expectations of the PSN," said the spokesman

"However, the core offering will continue to remain free."

Backed up by Kaz further in the article.

hazardman1754d ago

@reborn, although PSN will remain free alot of the services will go behind the PSN+ pay wall. Sony has to start making money from the gaikai acquisition. Also the share/upload feature won't be free. Its something like $90/100 yr. I could be wrong tho. I read the article on n4g right after the PS4 reveal where PSN is gonna have different premium services to offer gamers.

FamilyGuy1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

Everything that is currently free will remain free on PS4, with the inclusion of cross-game voice chat, as it's already a free feature on the Vita.

The share option will also be free, they wouldn't incorporate a button for a paid service directly in to the controller. It's a main selling point and placing it behind a "pay wall" would make no sense.

Youstream, or whatever that video uploading service they're using is called, will be sponsoring these efforts. Sonys dedication to their site will increase traffic which means more people to see advertisements which means more companies wanting to advertise on that site which means more money in the site owners pockets.

Gaikai obviously won't be free, as far as the PS4s new services that is the only one that stands out as something that will cost for use.

1755d ago
jon12341755d ago

i dont like this, but on a plus side, i could see how this could reduce SOME of the bratty kids you hear about from xbox live

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