Does playing video games make you hungrier?


Teenagers consume extra munchies after gaming sessions

Playing video games could make you feel hungrier than you normally would, a report suggests.

A small study in Canada of 22 normal-weight teenagers found that the boys ate a bigger lunch when they played a video game before instead an hour spent relaxing.

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xHeavYx1782d ago

I do get hungry when playing UC3 online and I have no friends to play with, so I go 16-2 and we still lose

Braid1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

I've read in an article before that people eating while they are in front of their PC monitors don't feel the satisfaction of eating as much as someone who eats on a table (or elswhere), which leads to eating more than necessary, and resulting with gaining weight if done frequently.

That seems to be a proven scientific fact, but unfortunately I can't find that article or the source of the study right now.

Irishguy951782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

I've also heard of that, your brain doesn't not focus on the food and your 'craving' is not satisfied.

Generally one seems to forget to eat at specific times..and just retrieves food and brings it back to the gaming area

GrieverSoul1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

If we are focused on doing something, the "satisfaction" from eating is not completly fulfilled. Either it be gaming or driving or studying. So, technically, anything we put our mind into, will "distract" us into eating more than we actually need I guess.

StockpileTom1782d ago

I read somewhere that the brain doesn't really have a concept of portion control and that people will simply eat until the plate or container is empty or until they are completely bloated unless they are consciously monitoring how much they eat.

A supposed solution to this is to meter food out into smaller plates/bowls.

My personal solution is to simply burn more energy to make up for what I eat. I have actually lost weight on a 4000 Calorie diet because the intense exercise I was doing burned even more than that.

Knight_Crawler1782d ago

I read somewhere that if you buy one large pizza you get the other one for free.

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Blaze9291782d ago

I get hungry after gaming. But that might be because of the weed I smoke before ;)

Soldierone1782d ago

Sounds familar.

Or getting in COD, seeing the clan actually be on your team and thinking "hey I might win this one!" Go 33-7, and still lose.... lol

Crazy Larry1782d ago

I often get the munchies while gaming...but gaming itself is not the cause :)

NiteX1782d ago

Woot fill up that bowl!

CraigUK1782d ago

I actually don't. Infact, if I am deep in a game like civ or sim city, I forget to eat.

bakagaijin781782d ago

Agreed. I can get really into a game & then hours later I wonder why my stomach is bothering me... its because I've gone too long without eating.

Sometimes having to eat can be an inconvenience. :/

RuleofOne343 1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

Playing video games make me thirsty , now the food network that makes me hungry as hell.

madcowz641782d ago

Depends really I usually get way to into it to eat.

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