Over 50 Minutes of Remember Me Gameplay

Hardocre Gamer: "With playable builds at PAX East and extended trailers, Capcom hasn’t exactly made Remember Me access scarce. With some very unique features, however, it’s been hard to get a grasp on exactly how the game functions. As such, we’ve uploaded the first ten minutes of five levels of the game (approximately half) to give you a less hyperactive look at the game. Additonally, we uploaded two minutes of one of the game’s four Memory Remix segements, which can be seen below the gameplay."

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drakratos921963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

definitely going to buy this game
btw the video isnt "over 50 minutes"

1963d ago
porkChop1963d ago

If you click the link there are 6 videos. Anyway, the combat doesn't look very interesting to me at all. Gameplay overall seems a bit boring and poorly designed. Writing doesn't seem to be anything special either.

jakmckratos1963d ago

Hey you know clicking stuff is pretty cool sometimes should give it a try

1963d ago
Number-Nine1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

the combat looks retarded, slow and boring.

ame221963d ago

what's with the horrible voice acting and poor poor writing?

Inception1963d ago

Looks un-original. Reminds me of Ghost in the Shell, but of course GitS are way more cool than this. Ah, with the new GitS series (Arise), hopefully Sony/Namco will make a new game for GitS.

theEx1Le1963d ago

The first ten minutes i was interested, but it just went downhill from there. Love when developers trying new settings and stuff but if your gonna just make the rest of the game generic then whats the point.

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