I Need These 10 Things Before I Buy COD: Ghosts

GotGame (John Speerbrecker): We have been treated with a teaser trailer for the next upcoming Call of Duty Game : COD Ghosts. In the teaser,we are treated to a very cryptic message. It speaks about the relevance of masks in battle and how they have evolved through the year. At the end, it shows a squad of soldiers who are in full gear each brandishing their tools of the trade. Not much can be proven from the trailer but we can speculate the heck out of it until we see it in action on May 21st when they reveal the next Xbox.

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Campy da Camper1962d ago

Note to author. Keep dreaming. Activision has a formula that makes them a lot of money. People buy their game in droves. They are not going to reinvent the wheel and lose money. I burnt out on fps about 4 years ago so I don't have a dog in this race but if I could think of anything that would get them to change the core gameplay it would be to not buy their games as they are now.