Naughty Dog is Working on The Last Of Us Multiplayer and “Focusing Testing it a Lot”

If all had gone according to the original plan, we’d be talking about how awesome it is that The Last of Us is coming out tomorrow. Unfortunately, it was delayed until June 14th, meaning that we still have to wait over a month (and an entire E3) before we can finally get our hands on it. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1962d ago

Hopefully we see it prior to E3.

Braid1962d ago

I don't think the game needs a multiplayer section but well, as long as it doesn't hinder the SP experience I'll be fine with that.

ZodTheRipper1962d ago

I'm guessing that they are done with the SP and are now focussing on getting the MP done right. The video in the article is probably the most interesting developer video I've ever seen. I can't imagine anybody not being interested in this game after seeing that video.

minimur121962d ago

on UC3, naughty dog said that they had 1 group working on SP and another group working on MP
(obviously SP group wouldve been bigger, but you know what i mean.)
So hopefully it wouldnt bring any away from the SP experience, well it shouldnt anyway

Salooh1962d ago

It does need it if it's as good as uncharted 2 and 3 MP.. Really loved them.

JoGam1962d ago

I just hope the MP isn't half ass.

papashango1962d ago

Does anyone really think the MP on a campaign advertised game is gonna be memorable?

Should have just devoted the entire team to single player and developed an even longer campaign.

HiddenMission1962d ago


Actually I do Uncharted has amazing MP and it's ND which means we know that they can deliver on the experience. I'm not sure if you remember but before MP was shown for Uncharted 2 everyone was like hell no it doesn't need MP or MP will make the SP weaker...and how did that turn out.

With ND they have earned the right for us to not be skeptical about MP until we have actually played and experienced their take on MP in a Survival action/horror game.

minimur121962d ago

EU blog said theres gonna be some big announcements this weeek, either that's new games or TLoU multiplayer :P

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Wedge191962d ago

I'm anticipating it to be quite good. ND is good with MP.

minimur121962d ago

anything ND do is good xD (no fanboy here)

Root1962d ago

Well don't work on it too much, just do what you can, keep it simple and make sure the single player is perfect.

Need to add things to multiplayer...keep it for DLC or the sequel.

Look at Uncharted 3...they focused on the online way too much and I felt in my opinion the single player suffered. It was still great I just felt Uncharted 2s was better because the online was simple and they didn't focus on it much.

Salooh1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

It wasn't the mulitplayer fault. They split to make two games instead of one.


But you may be right because they wanted to make the multiplayer as big as call of duty so who knows..

Root1962d ago

"But you may be right because they wanted to make the multiplayer as big as call of duty so who knows"

Yeah they said they wanted to take on the big boys thats apparently why they added so many horrible gimmicks like COD and other online games which ruined the online in my opinion

Kickbacks, Loadouts, Weapon Mods, Paid Boosters, upgradable boosters etc

Even the classic mode doesn't feel the same anymore.

It bugs me because after launch they said they knew they would never be able to compete with why try.

They should of just improved on Uncharted 2s multiplayer before the 1m5 update and expanded on the customization

Chitown712911962d ago

Why tf does everyone say Uncharted 3 single player suffered or wasnt up to par with Uncharted 2? Personally , I thought it outdid it with the pacing , story, voice-acting, set-pieces and graphics. That airplane sequence is pretty much the best set piece (besides God Of War 3 epic moments) Ive seen this whole generation. If Uncharted 2 is a 10, 3 is right there with it imo. And Uncharted 2 multiplayer graphics are better, but Uncharted 3 multiplayer gameplay certainly outdid it. Again all is just my opinion

himdeel1962d ago

I too believe the MP in 2 looked better than the MP in 3.

Root1962d ago

It's not about how they's about how they played compared to one another and which one succeeded more in the fun factor.

In the end Uncharted 2's online won since it was fun, addictive and simple

Less is more I suppose

vishmarx1962d ago

exactly this ....
u2's multiplayer was soo much

Walker1962d ago

Multiplayer of this game is going to be the best of this year, i believe !

xdye0171962d ago

dont forget GTA V multiplayer!

ZodTheRipper1962d ago

Honestly, this looks much more interesting RIGHT NOW. But I'm sure both will be top notch and a worthy finish for the PS3.

DeletedAcc1962d ago

The only mp i"ll play xD

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