Wii U GamePad Plus: Could It Be Coming?

Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

Nintendo made an interesting design choice only allowing a single GamePad to be used with the machine at a time. While not everyone has the funds to go out and buy four more pads, it certainly makes one wonder if there was anything else behind the reasoning. Nintendo has a habit of upgrading their equipment, most notably with the recent WiiMotionPlus. Could we see a GamePad Plus in the Wii U's future?

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WiiUsauce1964d ago

if they did release an upgraded gamepad, all I would really want is a higher resolution screen.

Samus HD1963d ago

i would want multi-touch

1upgamer991964d ago

Nintendo stated MONTHS and MONTHS ago, that a second gamepad would be able to connect to the console in the future, but no games would support it right of the bat.

RyanDJ1964d ago

True, but that till doesn't eliminate the possibility of an upgrade/delay tactic.

TheUndertaker851964d ago

Not entirely true...

"Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said that Wii U can support at least two controllers. This was confirmed by the 2012 E3 Conference. However, Japanese honcho Satoru Iwata clarified that while the Wii U could technically support more than one controller, it would be too expensive to sell the touchscreen controller separately and that developers would assume only one touchscreen controller per console (Source: Engadget).

Also in a tweet from Nintendo Japan, having 2 controllers will reduce the resolution of the output on the T.V screen to 720p 30fps, regardless of game.

Naturally, the Wii U will allow more than one player by way of multiple Wii Remote controllers, as well as games that can be played online"

They'd rather look at the 3DS being used as a controller over the WiiU Gamepad. The reason why should be obvious. One can power itself. The other can't.

lilbroRx1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

The resolution and fps thing are cannot be true, because frame rate is not set in stone nor is resolution.

What resolution you can get and what frame rate you can get depends on how much of your resource pool is in use.

They can make a game at 2160p and 500 FPS is they wanted but it would be an extremely small scale, simplistic game. Its all a matter of how they choose to design it.

Just as how Kamiya said that the reason Wonderful 101 is not 1080p is because he cares about frame rate more than looks. Running a game at 1080p 30 FPS is the same as running it at 720p 60 FPS resource wise.

DOMination-1964d ago

What happens if you break a WiiU gamepad btw? I notice you can't seem to buy new ones anywhere?

The only thing from the list that sounds good is the multi touch (I hear the battery for these things are actually pretty good, so don't see why you'd need a better one but.. I don't have first hand experience so maybe I heard wrong?) so I don't think a gamepad+ will be on the horizon just yet.

WeAreLegion1964d ago

A customer broke his Wii U game pad a few weeks ago. I told him to call Nintendo about it. They send you a box to ship your current game pad in and send you a new/refurbished one, in return. :) It's covered under the one year warranty. I'm so glad I got the three year warranty.

DOMination-1964d ago

Thanks for the reply. It's good to know that Nintendo will cover that. I wonder what will happen come November when those one year warranties start to run out though? I would have thought you would be able to buy them by now, but maybe they are waiting for software that supports a second one per console to start selling them.

MNGamer-N1963d ago

How in the hell did he break it? I got a 5 year old and a 2 year old banging on mine, dropping it, stepping on it etc, and it's holding up pretty good.

WeAreLegion1963d ago

Honestly, I don't know how he broke it. I'm more concerned about the people who bring in their Wii U with yellow stains and tons of cat hair on them. I hate retail.

MasterCornholio1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Well the answer to that is easy. All you have to do is order the controller from Nintendo and they will give you one for 150$. However be careful where you order it from since the controllers are region locked to the console. Which means if you get one from Japan it wont work with an American Wii U.

Anyways i expect that in the future Nintendo will release an improved Wii U gamepad with a better screen and superior battery life.


Really? Sounds like a pretty good warranty since they covered the destruction of the controller at the hands of the customer.

WeAreLegion1964d ago

It depends what happens. If it stops working for some reason, it's on them. Even if a button or two breaks, they got it. If you break it in half...they'll sue you for insubordination.

TheUndertaker851964d ago

If under warranty still it is possible to get a replacement. If you're asking for down the line though,

"GamePads are currently only sold as standalones in Japan, where they retail for 13,440 Yen / $160.(Excluding Taxes) A replacement GamePad ordered from Nintendo (to replace a broken one) currently goes for $140. To repair one outside of Warranty costs $90."

If a Gamepad+ is in the works expect it to have some sort of innards to decrease the work load on the system. If that happens also expect a higher price, probably in the ballpark of other tablets currently on the market.

MilkMan1964d ago

I love the console, but the sensitivity on the gamepad NEEDS to be addressed and there are no native control settings to adjust them. This blows monkey ballz.

Other than that, its quite good.

Ron_Danger1964d ago

If they did, it would follow what theyve been doing for years: release a product, wait a year or 2, and release a slightly better version for the same price. Gameboy Advanced to whatever that flip screen model was called, DS to DSi, 3DS to 3DSXL, Wii mote to Wii mote +

Not trolling, just stating facts.

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