Remember Me - One of the best looking games this year

A look at Capcom’s other action game which ironically is probably buried and well hidden under the radar for many but is a superb looking game.

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RaidensRising1661d ago

Might look good but gameplay looks kinda generic.

rbailey1661d ago

Awesome new IP with alot of potential. Hopefully it delivers when it drops next month.

bunt-custardly1661d ago

Didn't Capcom recently announce it was finished using western developers, so perhaps this will be one of the last western developed games from the company as it's a French studio (DONTNOD) who developed this?

It's also a new IP which is a bit of a risk, but with no other major games releasing in the period, it does stand a good chance rbailey.

1661d ago
Blastoise1661d ago

Graphically impressive but looks a bit boring to me

starchild1661d ago

Oh, go back to playing pokemon games. This game is too good for you.

It looks fantastic.

1661d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.