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NYC_Gamer1902d ago

I hope the game offers some type of offline mode instead of being always online

famoussasjohn1902d ago

lol at the disagree when it's straight from the developers.


Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo woo can't wait

Root1902d ago

Please PS4/Nextbox get equally good ports...they can do a proper Sims game on consoles they just have to stop being lazy about it.

The fact that you couldn't walk around you neighbourhood on the console version without loading times was ridiculous. Lets not forget the expansions not being DLC, that kind of stuff is what DLC should be, big meaty expansions.


well ps4 is as powerful as a super powered pc or better so yes it should be rely

matrixman921902d ago

big day for EA...this and the fact that they have the entire gaming portion of star wars in their hands now