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Submitted by jcnba28 1007d ago | opinion piece

Why No E3 Press Conference is a Smart Move for Nintendo

Ashley King - Over the weekend my colleague John Kinsley wrote an analysis on why he believes Nintendo bowing out of E3 is the worst thing the company could have done this year. While I agree that it was a surprising move, I don’t share his opinion on Nintendo’s decision. With the May 21st unveiling of Microsoft’s next Xbox, the gaming industry at large will be focused on what Microsoft and Sony will be bringing to E3. It’s akin to two linebackers going head to head while Nintendo’s in the background, kicking field goals. (3DS, E3, Nintendo, Wii U)

jcnba28  +   1007d ago
The last line sums it up really. Gamers care about the games not statistics or what the box is going to look like.
lilbroRx  +   1007d ago
You mean "TRUE" gamers care about the games. They are not to be confused with fanboys. A true gamer only cares that the game is good. A fanboy primarily cares about whether or not its on their favorite console and and what bragging rights it gives them.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1007d ago
It is smart if you think about it.

Nintendo can focus on its audience rather than the press, investors and anylists.

Nintendo can get straight to the games and make its audience happy. They don't have to try so hard to please everyone in the crowd such as anylists and press. Because lets face it, they won't make everyone happy on stage.
McScroggz  +   1007d ago
But by not having an E3 press conference Nintendo isn't reaching out beyond its hardcore audience, and having most/all of its show behind closed doors means only a small amount of people can actually play games and not be able to fully show what they saw/played.

How is Nintendo smart in this situation? The people who watch every Nintendo Direct and already have a Wii U or will buy it no matter what aren't affected by no press conference other than being disappointed they can't get excited for the show. Most everyone else won't be affected because they won't care because Sony and Microsoft will have huge press conferences while Nintendo is in the back room showing off games the hardcore Nintendo fanbase likely already knows about.
KwietStorm  +   1007d ago
But what's with this idea that E3 is all about media, analysts, and shareholders? While they obviously have a presence in one way or another, E3 is for us as much as anyone. If Nintendo was on top of the world right now, and they didn't do E3, it would be different, but its because of their current situation that makes their absence that much more questionable. One could make the argument that they should be that much more aggressive on the biggest stage. And its not about analysts. Its about reassuring the fans and potentials that they have their stuff in order.
McScroggz  +   1007d ago
@KwietStorm E3 isn't JUST about media and investors (That's GDC) nor is it JUST about gamers (That's Pax Prime, Pax East, Comic Cons, etc.). But, E3 is the biggest and most public press conference for game companies.

Also, even if Nintendo were doing great I'd think it's a bad move to more or less skip E3.
linkenski  +   1003d ago
Idk. They are probably not hosting a full show because they don't have enough new to announce.
kayoss  +   1007d ago
He does make a valid point, but overall i disagree. E3 is probably the biggest event for anything electronic related especially for video games in general. E3 garner the most publicity out of any events. Many Companies, developers, and press from all over the world attend these conference. What better way to advertize upcoming projects and games at E3. Nintendo can go silent and go on their merry way, or they can set up a booth and talk about what games fans should expect coming through the pipeline. When they leave fans in the dark, the fans get worry and some will move on to "greener pasture" sort of speak. It bolds well for investors as well. If i was a fan or investor and i compare two booths to see which one i should choose; Sony and Nintendo. I look at Sony and they have some projects and stuff to show case. I then go to Nintendo... Oh wait nintendo is not here. So my options are very obvious.
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showtimefolks  +   1007d ago
I hope it's works out for Nintendo at E3 on whatever they are planning, but odds are against them when Sony and MS both will be showing off their next systems and games

Media hype is Nona over shadow anything nintndo does, so if I was the ne planing I would have a conference like always but this time bring on all the big guns. Show games,games and more games along with different services

Show games which are early in development and won't be out anytime soon, just to say stuff is its way

No matter how you spin this, Nintendo made a wrong call. Right now wiiu needs exposure not hidden behind closed doors.

Also lets say Nintendo had a conference at E3 which would have been on spike TV so meaning millions would have watched and more exposure for system(which it needs badly)

But lets see
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OmniSlashPT  +   1007d ago
A damage control article from a website called WiiUdaily? nothing new here folks
Godmars290  +   1007d ago
Isn't E3 the general public presentation for the gaming community? That its Nintendo chance to people who don't own their system?

There is only Sock Gnome logic in trying to defend this: something is missing.

Sadly people have been saying just that since the N64. Including myself.
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Minato-Namikaze  +   1007d ago
People shouldnt keep defending nintendo like this. It basically tells them that they cant do no wrong and they dont have to push themselves to do better.
dboyc310  +   1007d ago
Agree. Find it funny how people are trying to turn this decision in to a positive one.
MasterCornholio  +   1007d ago
Might be smart for them but i love it when any firm shows off new hardware and games at a conference.

Anyways i believe that Nintendo was terrified of the other two overshadowing their conference which is why the abandoned their usual E3 conference in favor of Wii U directs.
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mercyme   1007d ago | Spam
farhad2k8  +   1007d ago
This is getting ridiculous now.
IF Nintendo didn't bail out and they continued to participate in E3 like the last few years, then NO Nintendo fanboy would have said 'Oh, it would have been better if Nintendo didn't participate this year'.

Face it, Nintendo screwed up.
Now that Nintendo have bailed out of E3, they're trying to defend the decision, when in fact, you simply can't.
The Wii-U has no chance against the next XBOX/PS.
specialagent4532  +   1007d ago
I agree before all the Nintendo fanboys kept telling us wait till E3. Now that Nintendo has bail out. Is a smart decision, is a terrible decision since E3 is televised (spike tv, G4 and strangely enough MTV). Losing the gamers on the fence whether they wanted to buy a wii u or not. They could of skip E3 next year but not when your competition is going to reveal their products.
rainslacker  +   1006d ago
I think it might hurt them more than just in the consumer's eyes.

There is no doubt that allowing one of those 3rd party companies that get a chance to showcase their product at one of the main events can go a long way in developing better 3rd party relations. EA and Ubi both have their own events, and likely will show off some Wii U stuff, but companies like Namco, Square, etc do not. It's a prime place to showcase off a variety of games and show that you have support...something they are currently heavily criticized on.

When Sony and MS allow some of those devs onto the stage, it helps build hype for their games. Nintendo's current strategy is only serving Nintendo, as any press generated by 3rd party will be done anyhow through those companies own efforts. I doubt the mainstream will even hear of 1/10th of what Nintendo actually does show at E3
McScroggz  +   1007d ago
Here's the thing, all those people saying Nintendo skipping the press conference is them focusing on their audience - what that is really saying is Nintendo isn't actively trying to grow its audience but is content to just talk to people who are already Nintendo fans. Plain and simple. It may not be a huge mistake to avoid the normal E3 pressers (though that is certainly possible) but in no feasible way is it smart.

I've said it before, but E3 is just as much about investors and mainstream media outlets as it is about core gamers. People who check gaming websites often are going to find out what's going on at E3, even if everything Nintendo is behind closed doors. However, all of those people who only casually keep up with the industry or who only buy games/consoles every once in a while will absolutely not hear anything about Nintendo.

After E3 USA Today, Forbes, The New York Times,, etc. will be writing stories about the PS4 and the NextBox, and many people who might not have heard otherwise will learn about these consoles. That will almost undoubtedly not happen with Nintendo. How is that a good thing?

Again, I'm not saying its disastrous for Nintendo - I just can't fathom how avoiding publicity and advertising is even slightly good.
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specialagent4532  +   1007d ago
Yikes that's a lot of press coverage Damn Nintendo did screw up
Cam977  +   1007d ago
It absolutely isn't.
With the brand new consoles being shown the Wii U will be forgotten and ignored. It's a terrible move.
stage88  +   1007d ago
I still think it will hinder them.
Neko_Mega  +   1007d ago
Its not a smart move, its like saying "Hey we got nothing at the time, come back later". They need to do something to wow people or they will miss out on their chance.
Root  +   1007d ago
People keep going on about it being smart because "whats the point of wasting money" but they have a ton of stuff to show and they'll have to spend more money of advertising because they missed their exposure at E3.
Ck1x  +   1007d ago
Where I think that most people are jumping the gun, is acting like e3 has come and gone and the whole things was a failure for Nintendo! This thing can go either way, but people fail to acknowledge that part. Apple didn't unveil the 1st iphone at CES or some other major electronic show and they made out ok and that's all that Nintendo is striving to be more like(Apple). People need to drop this notion that a product can only be successful if the mainstream press advertises it. We as consumers have graduated a long time ago from that mentality.

Just look at the way most of us purchase things these days. We'll either Google it, look up YouTube videos and user reviews or read about what other Amazon customers liked or hated about a product. Most people these days rarely put a blind trust into what mainstream media thinks is great, because of the possibility of tainted views exists. Don't get me wrong, the press is good for getting the seed of information out there, but people on this site would have you believe that Nintendo isn't showing their games at all to the press and attendees of the show... Which simply isn't true at all!

Personally with technology becoming so advanced, I would go nuts if Nintendo announced that during the month of June. All wiiu owners will be able to get the full e3 experience by receiving exclusive trailer reveals, eShop e3 game payable demos and a new Nintendo Direct App for the WiiU menu that archives and lets you watch current and past ND videos in HD. Not to mention having the ability to integrate the App in MiiVerse as well as email and SMS to properly notify viewers of upcoming ND feeds right to your WiiU or smart device.
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rainslacker  +   1006d ago
That's all good and great, but how does an app like that help bring in new customers? If you already have a Wii U, then they only need to push new games on you, which they can do anyways through the eShop.

It's true that viral marketing(which is what I assume your speaking of) can be quite successful. It definitely was for Apple. However, there is no denying the fact that "saving money" by not advertising in a show that will be watched by millions both on TV and YouTube and many other sites, is just failed marketing. You can push viral marketing, but why not go for a sure thing? After all, if the idea is to get the word out about the Wii U, then what's the point in avoiding the public?

Are you telling me all the hype built around the Wii U due to previous show conferences wasn't effective? I seem to remember reading a lot of positive things about the Wii U after them. The thing about the big pressers is that people that may not be interested in the company still watch them. That's exactly the kind of thing that makes it good marketing.
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Ck1x  +   1006d ago
Well in the same way that MiiVerse will be accessible on cellphones soon, the ND app could also. Which would be a more convenient method to reach a wider range of new gamers than just tied to the WiiU... And you couldn't be more wrong in how widespread you believe e3 is aired! It received tv coverage on G4 and Spike and we both know that one of those just bit the dust. Sony pretty much streamed their conference for their viewers, so e3 is pretty much targeted towards the gamers that know exactly how to find and watch it to stay up on the event. Not a channel surfing casual gamers that happens to luck up on it by chance!

Not to mention that you aren't acknowledging that there's a disconnect between what industry professionals like and the buying public. If e3 is such a sure thing to gauge hype and the success of a future product, then the 3ds and Vita would have both come out selling extraordinarily well after their respective e3's...
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weekev15  +   1007d ago
TBH I think its too early to say if it's a good move or bad move. They are still holding an event at e3 for journalists, so they still have the chance to write about whatever they bring. Instead of doin a grand scale presentation they are streaming a Nintendo direct for the gaming public, anyone that was interested in Nintendos presser will likely tune in for that so I can't actually see that they have lost their audience.

Whilst I absolutely agree it looks like a strange move, I have a feeling someone at Nintendo took a look at the audience that shows up at e3 and decided that they would focus on each group seperately by giving them what they think they want.

However it may become clear that Nintendo don't know what the gaming media want. It's certainly gonna be an interesting 5 or 6 weeks.
Venox2008  +   1007d ago
I dont care how, E3, Nintendo Direct or any website... just show me games! next month cant come soon enough! still, not much time left :)
kirbyu  +   1007d ago
I couldn't agree more.
WooHooAlex  +   1007d ago
I just don't get what Nintendo is doing.
They should be front and center, stressing that this is a next-gen console, its the least expensive and its available right now. Why wait 6 months and spend hundreds of dollars more for next-gen gaming, when you can start today. That's the message they need to get across. Then announce a price drop and show us Mario, Zelda, Super Smash Bros. ect...

Nintendo is failing right now, I had plans to get a Wii U next year, sometime after I buy a PS4, but right now I doubt I'll buy one at all. Step it up Nintendo.
fsfsxii  +   1006d ago
Might be smart to have their own show, but their own show isn't as popular as E3.

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