Why No E3 Press Conference is a Smart Move for Nintendo

Ashley King - Over the weekend my colleague John Kinsley wrote an analysis on why he believes Nintendo bowing out of E3 is the worst thing the company could have done this year. While I agree that it was a surprising move, I don’t share his opinion on Nintendo’s decision. With the May 21st unveiling of Microsoft’s next Xbox, the gaming industry at large will be focused on what Microsoft and Sony will be bringing to E3. It’s akin to two linebackers going head to head while Nintendo’s in the background, kicking field goals.

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jcnba281967d ago

The last line sums it up really. Gamers care about the games not statistics or what the box is going to look like.

lilbroRx1967d ago

You mean "TRUE" gamers care about the games. They are not to be confused with fanboys. A true gamer only cares that the game is good. A fanboy primarily cares about whether or not its on their favorite console and and what bragging rights it gives them.

AngelicIceDiamond1967d ago

It is smart if you think about it.

Nintendo can focus on its audience rather than the press, investors and anylists.

Nintendo can get straight to the games and make its audience happy. They don't have to try so hard to please everyone in the crowd such as anylists and press. Because lets face it, they won't make everyone happy on stage.

McScroggz1967d ago

But by not having an E3 press conference Nintendo isn't reaching out beyond its hardcore audience, and having most/all of its show behind closed doors means only a small amount of people can actually play games and not be able to fully show what they saw/played.

How is Nintendo smart in this situation? The people who watch every Nintendo Direct and already have a Wii U or will buy it no matter what aren't affected by no press conference other than being disappointed they can't get excited for the show. Most everyone else won't be affected because they won't care because Sony and Microsoft will have huge press conferences while Nintendo is in the back room showing off games the hardcore Nintendo fanbase likely already knows about.

KwietStorm1967d ago

But what's with this idea that E3 is all about media, analysts, and shareholders? While they obviously have a presence in one way or another, E3 is for us as much as anyone. If Nintendo was on top of the world right now, and they didn't do E3, it would be different, but its because of their current situation that makes their absence that much more questionable. One could make the argument that they should be that much more aggressive on the biggest stage. And its not about analysts. Its about reassuring the fans and potentials that they have their stuff in order.

McScroggz1967d ago

@KwietStorm E3 isn't JUST about media and investors (That's GDC) nor is it JUST about gamers (That's Pax Prime, Pax East, Comic Cons, etc.). But, E3 is the biggest and most public press conference for game companies.

Also, even if Nintendo were doing great I'd think it's a bad move to more or less skip E3.

linkenski1964d ago

Idk. They are probably not hosting a full show because they don't have enough new to announce.

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kayoss1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

He does make a valid point, but overall i disagree. E3 is probably the biggest event for anything electronic related especially for video games in general. E3 garner the most publicity out of any events. Many Companies, developers, and press from all over the world attend these conference. What better way to advertize upcoming projects and games at E3. Nintendo can go silent and go on their merry way, or they can set up a booth and talk about what games fans should expect coming through the pipeline. When they leave fans in the dark, the fans get worry and some will move on to "greener pasture" sort of speak. It bolds well for investors as well. If i was a fan or investor and i compare two booths to see which one i should choose; Sony and Nintendo. I look at Sony and they have some projects and stuff to show case. I then go to Nintendo... Oh wait nintendo is not here. So my options are very obvious.

showtimefolks1967d ago

I hope it's works out for Nintendo at E3 on whatever they are planning, but odds are against them when Sony and MS both will be showing off their next systems and games

Media hype is Nona over shadow anything nintndo does, so if I was the ne planing I would have a conference like always but this time bring on all the big guns. Show games,games and more games along with different services

Show games which are early in development and won't be out anytime soon, just to say stuff is its way

No matter how you spin this, Nintendo made a wrong call. Right now wiiu needs exposure not hidden behind closed doors.

Also lets say Nintendo had a conference at E3 which would have been on spike TV so meaning millions would have watched and more exposure for system(which it needs badly)

But lets see

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OmniSlashPT1967d ago

A damage control article from a website called WiiUdaily? nothing new here folks

Godmars2901967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Isn't E3 the general public presentation for the gaming community? That its Nintendo chance to people who don't own their system?

There is only Sock Gnome logic in trying to defend this: something is missing.

Sadly people have been saying just that since the N64. Including myself.

Minato-Namikaze1967d ago

People shouldnt keep defending nintendo like this. It basically tells them that they cant do no wrong and they dont have to push themselves to do better.

Thatguy-3101967d ago

Agree. Find it funny how people are trying to turn this decision in to a positive one.

MasterCornholio1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Might be smart for them but i love it when any firm shows off new hardware and games at a conference.

Anyways i believe that Nintendo was terrified of the other two overshadowing their conference which is why the abandoned their usual E3 conference in favor of Wii U directs.

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