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GameCritics: "Although there are some interesting ideas here and the Vita could benefit from a title like Soul Sacrifice, everything rides on how good the core game is, and to me, it just doesn't hold up."

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Sanquine901965d ago

haha , how to lose all your creditibility in an article !

SpitTake1964d ago

It's an opinion you fanboy.

Sanquine901964d ago

Still it is remarkable that this is the lowest score given to this game. Hè is calling it crap . Furhermore , hè is a Monster hunter fanboy !see his twitter

Hicken1964d ago

... wow.

Voting this BS down with the quickness.

nugnugs1964d ago

Unbelievable! I'm totally hooked. I'd maybe understand a 7, but 4!? This is not a below average game in ANY sense. What a berk.

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