Rainbow Six Vegas 2 review by PSM3

All in all, though, the Rainbow Six experience has improved. A bit. The idea of having the custom-character system working across the entire game is a solid one, and the improvement in team-mate behaviour makes the single-playe mode easier to digest. But as a sequel, Vegas 2 fails to deliver. Ubisoft is asking big favours of the Clancy community by demanding half a ton for this glorified expansion pack, especially as this game showcases the duller, more forgettable sides of Sin City. So like PSM3 said, it's time for Rainbow Six to step away from the craps table and the roulette wheel while it still has the Kevlar vest on its back.

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jinn3689d ago

everything on PS3 is bad

doodle3689d ago

then it would have run at 1080p

Too BAD that garbage box 3 FIX ME cant run anything NATIVE at that REZ

gambare3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

and it sucked too, the game for the new quality standard of the PS3 is bad, the game itself deserved to stay on a generic game console like the 360.

avacadosnorkel3689d ago

wait for HAZE.

Rainbow6vegas2 will waste your money.

BeaArthur3689d ago

I haven't heard anyone say anything real positive about the demos they have seen for Haze. We know what RSV2 is all about, and with the new matchmaking system allowing you to hop into games they have fixed my biggest issue with the first one. I mean aren't most sequels expansion packs anyways? Thirteen new maps, a refined matchmaking system and a new campaign is well worth the money in my opinion.

TheExecutive3689d ago

this game is what we call a money machine. Idiots will buy it regardless of its worth. Madden is in the same boat.

60 bucks is too much for this expansion pack.

Ghoul3689d ago

im totally disapointed

i loved part one but this is even worse then just beeing an addon, it looks hal-assed. dunno it lost all of its tension from the first part, no gritty dark f--up vegas scenarious it all looks clean and bland

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