BioWare: Mass Effect 2 questions still to be answered

BioWare still has a number of vitally important questions to be answered in regards to Mass Effect 2, the developer's revealed to CVG.

"How do we make what you did in the first game affect what's happening in the second game?... Who is the main character? Who will re-appear in the game?" senior PR manager Matt Atwood said of the follow-up to its critically acclaimed sci-fi RPG during an interview last week.

These are key ideas currently being kicked around at the studio according to Atwood, who says that dramatically Mass Effect 2 will make us all go "wow" virtually right from the word go.

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Neoninja3501d ago

I love Mass Effect. In my opinion its a great game, but I hope they take there time and be sure to eliminate some of the tech issues that is in Mass Effect 1. Also very interested in how they will implement all the story paths.

BeaArthur3501d ago

I thought the first one was great, I was playing it last night for the 4th time as a matter of fact. I will be very interested to see how they cater the story with so many possible character outcomes and with what happened at the end of the game depending on the decision you made.

Sayai jin3501d ago

These questions will slowly be answereed. Agree with the above. It will be interesting to see how the story plays out, but you would have figured that this would have already been planned out. I really think they will improve on the areas that needed improvement to make an even better game.

kira9893501d ago

In this continued story thing... Having the people you've talked to be affected in the next game... Could be extremly interesting if they pull it off

Eclipticus3501d ago

the only possible thing i can think of is not an immediate sequal. at least a good number of years from the ME1. which is probably gonna be what the novels fill in.

I thought i read somewhere that you character would keep the stats.... which is easy enough to implement. but what about the choices... living/dying... give enough game/world time between games and adventures... the writers can do whatever they want...