StarCraft II dev: "Our goal is not to let you feel 3D too much"


"Chris Sigaty, lead producer on StarCraft II, has gone to lengths to stress that the 3D engine in the strategy sequel will not get in the way of StarCraft's traditional, fast-paced gameplay.

"It's a whole 3D engine, so there will be differences to some degree but our core goal out of it is to have that really fast-paced action, quickly grabbing units and assigning them to particular targets, you know, to match that fast-paced action," he said."

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Luca Blight3743d ago

Finally, a developer with some sense (plus, the game still looks better than anything else out there too)!

Tyrael3743d ago

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

MK_Red3743d ago

Good to hear but sadly I feel it already and I'm not happy. I want a more 2D / isometric feel. At least it's not FPS.

Hellgiver3743d ago

They better not be lying. The 2D + fast paced gameplay in SC is the reason I still love to get on when someone asks me to play or I'll just play for fun sometimes, and haven't played WC3 since Frozen Throne was released.