X-Play Review - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle: Ring of Fates

We really ought to be grateful. Square Enix could have rehashed the original Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, but instead they went back to the drawing board coming up with a new story, fresh characters, and a bunch of nifty features that take advantage of the Nintendo DS. A by-the-numbers re-release this is not. The game has voice acting for Pete's sake! And some of it isn't half bad. In a cynical, but fully knowing move, the game appeals to the loot scrounge in all of us. Dungeons are stuffed with treasures, material, and crafting patterns. Just as Diablo recreated the sheer joy of finding fifty bucks on the sidewalk, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates rinds and nails a perfect loot-rinse-repeat rhythm. If anything, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates raises the bar for the kind of experience handheld gamers can expect. This may not mean an end to quickie ports that take advantage of our adoration for the Final Fantasy franchise, but it is a sure sign that Square Enix is genuinely trying to make their second-tier games that much better.

Review by: Gus Mastrapa


• Heavy single player story
• Four-player dungeon crawls
• Lots of loot


• No online play
• Controls are a handful
• Thin multiplayer plot

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PS360WII3715d ago

It is certainly a good game and good score. It's funny how some reviews say it's a shallow single story game mainly focusing on mulitplayer while others say it's a heavy single player story.

Weird isn't it? Are these reviewers playing the same game to say things so opposite?