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Sony Planning “Some Intriguing Game Announcements” This Week

TSA: "In previous years Sony has made several announcements in the weeks before E3 (which is next month) – titles revealed this way include LittleBigPlanet 2, MotorStorm Apocalypse and Infamous 2.

It’s assumed that a reveal for Gran Turismo 6 on PS3 is expected soon, but this could be talking about PlayStation Vita or even PlayStation 4 games, potentially to offset anything Microsoft have lined up." (Gran Turismo 6, PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

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Cam977  +   886d ago | Well said
Hopefully GT Vita and GT6.
Freak of Nature  +   886d ago
I bet the chances are real high for a GT blow-out.. ....

While they are at it they can show us glimpses of **Naughty Dog's new IP**, what's up with the **last guardian**, **SSM's** new Ip, **GG's** new IP and while in deep dream mode throw in some **Media Molecule new IP** info....All aboard the hype train. Cannot wait to see what they got cooking...

If not all, well I'll still take any one of the above please....
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jimbobwahey  +   886d ago
I think they Sony will want to get all the non-PS4 announcements done before E3 so that they can focus on their new console during the conference.

I'm mostly excited about seeing what GT6 will be like along with the multiplayer reveal for The Last of Us.
abzdine  +   886d ago
intriguing?? Then please intrigue me Sony!! My soul is ready!
Why o why  +   886d ago
I want more cable and media services dammit......

MikeMyers  +   886d ago
I'm liking this. One makes an early presentation, another has Direct videos to keep gamers interested, then you have a pre-E3 event to talk about another new console. It's going to be a great year. I love seeing them try and upstage the other. It's also nice not having everything at E3. These early events and announcements are much better. I guess Valve should be showing us something too this year. Lots of choices, nobody should be complaining.
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irepbtown  +   886d ago
GT6 is one I want to hear about.
But as always, Sony will surprise us (good way).

Gran Turismo on the Vita sounds interesting, I've wanted a Vita for a long time I've just never gone around to buying it. GT on Vita would definitely motivate me to do so.
showtimefolks  +   885d ago
It was confirmed tat all Sony owned studios are working on ps4 titles

I opulent be surprised if Sony shows off everything or almost everything for vita and ps3 before E3 and make E3 totally about ps4

That way they keep their current system in spotlight
1Victor  +   886d ago
if Sony planing to spoil Microsoft reveal they should announce GT6 a ps3 bundle for 99.99 the next day and you'll see the internet blown up
SandWitch  +   886d ago
You'll also see Sony gone bankrupt
Bhai  +   886d ago
Gynga - that was hilarious ;)
Freak of Nature  +   886d ago
@ jimbobwahey
GT6,with a Vita port with cross-buy/play could be "intriguing"...

A multiplayer reveal for The Last of Us is a nice frosting on any cake...

Perhaps a mix of PS3,Vita and a glimpse of something PS4 all leading into May 21st and E3....

Just bring it, I am waiting and wanting...
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   886d ago
E3 season is looming. Sony's prepping a few announcements more likely GT6 reveal and hopefully something from Naughty Dog.

Naughty Dog I'm really looking forward to this E3.
joab777  +   886d ago
Its gotta be both generations...has to be. And the Last Guardian would be huge.
TAURUS-555  +   886d ago
i hope the next PS4 news blow our minds once again
Maddens Raiders  +   886d ago
Announce another dose of the" Real Driving Simulator" on the PS3? -
Bring it Sony. GT6 is dying to drain pocketbooks and the patrons can't wait to fork it over. That's a win win.
2v1  +   885d ago
this is the one game I will buy right now if it was out..i have stop buying game and only play 3 game atm and all 3 online..gt5 is one of those 3 lol and another of them is a pc game ,We all want a new GT game right now with new model cars and graphics,but really hard to do that with the ps3 ..I wana see a next generation GT by years end in store lol make that happen who ever is in charge and you going make some fans happy.
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JoGam  +   885d ago
OMG...I just got all excited about GT6. So I went ahead and put in my GT5 for the first time since I changed hard drives. Its 22 updates. CRAZY!
Arai  +   886d ago | Well said
I'm guessing GT6 on May 21st, ya'll know why.
Gran Turismo is a huge franchise and system seller.
GamersRulz  +   886d ago | Well said
yep, Sony announce GT6, then bye bye Europe for MS.
GalacticEmpire  +   886d ago
My guess is they'll show off a bunch of new games in the run up to E3, before and after May 21st, they have done in the past. They have too many games to fit into one conference, especially with a new console reveal too.
sikbeta  +   886d ago
May 21? Nextbox Reveal? lol

Rumors say GT6 is PS3 and even if it's cross-gen that will only hurt DriveClub sales + it'll not do much to move HW on the PS4 because it'll not be exclusive to that System...

ROFL @ GTvita... not going to happen...
deafdani  +   886d ago
Why not? There was a GT game for PSP, and Gran Turismo is easily Sony's best selling franchise, so... GT Vita not going to happen?

More like, TOTALLY going to happen, especially considering Vita needs to pick up in sales.
kneon  +   886d ago
Sure Gran Turismo is a system seller but not so much the second time around. The majority of people interested in GT games already bought a PS3 for GT5.
pixelsword  +   886d ago
There may be some truth to that; I'm almost willing to say that GT6 will be on the PS4 in October (6+4)
Reborn  +   886d ago
Can't wait for the next GT announcement.
mcstorm  +   886d ago
Fingers crossed its gt6 and I hope its a finished game this time as I felt let down by the last one but I have faith in PD and they won't let us down this time.
Shacojin  +   886d ago
Grand Theft Auto VITA
Gran Turismo Vita
NBA 2K14 *Lebron James on cover* VITA
Fallout VITA
Metal Gear VITA
Battlefield VITA
Resident Evil VITA
Deadspace VITA

I want some VITA announcements.. E3 will be mostly PS4 and some PS3
Blastoise  +   886d ago
A Vita Syphon Filter would be so badass, or a Resident Evil game done right. A SimCity game would be cool too as long as they didn't pull any BS
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sikbeta  +   886d ago
Shenmue Vita
Colony Wars Vita
WOW Vita
Half Life Vita
Halo Vita
Mario Vita

WTF is this? pipe-dream? yep, looks like that XD
Blastoise  +   886d ago
Syphon Filter was on PSP
MGS was on PSP and the HD collections on Vita
GTA was on PSP
Gran turismo was on PSP
a Resident evil was planned for PSP and recently had one on 3DS

Stop making out like these are all completely ridiculous suggestions for Vita games because they're not.

Not exactly like a Battlefield game is as unlikely as Half life, Halo or Mario now is it?
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minimur12  +   885d ago
pwned, the dream game on vita would have to be a GTA, its inevitable it'll happen, just have to wait...........
teedogg80  +   886d ago
All of that would make me really happy.
braydox21  +   886d ago
you also forgot

X-Com Vita

Dead souls Vita

Skyrim Vita (like skyrim but way smaller like the game being the size of solstheim maybe a story about the first dragonborns quest for power and his reasons for , alot wanting freedom from the dragons.

Farcry vita (similer to the skyrim vita alot smaller than its console counterpart)

Grand theft auto san andreas HD remake vita: create some hype for GTA 5

i think there some others but i cannot think of them right now.
HellzAssassin  +   886d ago
How about...
NEW IP VITA and.. maybe NEW IP VITA? No seriously... I don't want a million rehashes of sequels/prequels to existing games. Yes, it's nice and I'd love for some of them to be on the Vita. But I want something new and fresh! Like Soul Sacrifice.
dboyc310  +   886d ago
Get ps3 game announcements out of the way and leave of us all drooling for ps4 games at E3. Sony are playing their cards right entering next Gen. Next month heads will roll.
Minato-Namikaze  +   886d ago
I'm torn between wanting the ps3 to have a major presence at E3 and wanting all new vita and PS4 info, lol.
InTheLab  +   886d ago
May as well announce them before they're leaked a few weeks before E3 like....pretty much everything.
Sanquine90  +   886d ago
please something for vita !!!!
Root  +   886d ago
More PS4 games please

AGENT, GT6, New IPs etc

"It’s assumed that a reveal for Gran Turismo 6 on PS3 is expected soon"

PS3? Why do people keep thinking it's going to be on PS3, if theres a system seller out there for Sony, it's GT with how many units it's sold.
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DOMination-  +   886d ago
I agree really. It's by far Sony's biggest system seller. The rumours all seem to suggest PS3 but I would be disappointed if that was the announcement.

How much better can they make a GT game on PS3 anyway? They already added a bunch of content for GT5 and I feel there's no better studio to showcase the PS4 than Polyphony Digital.
Root  +   886d ago
It would be a waste of time aswell since it would be years untill GT7 on the PS4.

I mean look how long it took for GT5 to come out
_-EDMIX-_  +   886d ago
Why? Um because historically GT games have released 2 to a playstation system. Driveclub already exist for PS4 and will be good enough. Sony doesn't need much to get people to buy a Playstation system other then just saying "we have games coming" because they've pretty much always delivered on that front, I don't feel the need a GT at Launch....they've NEVER NEEDED A GT AT LAUNCH! Did you ever stop to realize that maybe, just maybe Sony wants to make its return on GT5's engine? They sold 9 million units of GT5, even if they sell less units of GT6, it will be a greater return.

It will be on PS3. I don't think you know more then Sony, they've been doing this for a bit I think.

GT4 had over 700 cars......"well how much better can they make a GT game"

LMFAO! Can't that be said about pretty much anything? I feel PD will showcase PS4 really good too....not sure what he hell that has to do with making GT6 on PS3.

No one has said they won't make GT7 on PS4. Also, how on earth would they make a damn GT launch agme with no engine? Did you forget when GT5 released? So...make a engine for GT5, then make one for GT6 for PS4? I'm sorry but WAY WAY too much money is being spent to just make a engine for next gen. And Why? Cause a few PS4 owners want a GT game? What about the 80 million that own a PS3 and are willing to pay for a GT game in MILLIONS? Sorry but 2 GTs makes business sense to me and clearly Sony too.

GT5 did 9 million units because they had the install base to get those type of sales, I'm sorry but had GT5 had launched with PS3, you WOULD NOT be seeing it do 9 million units. The game my not even warrant that based on being unfinished ie GT5 Prologue
Man-E-Faces  +   886d ago
1.GT6 was deep in production pre PS4 dev kits were available not enough time to incorporate Share/connected features that PS4 is pushing with it's games. And not worth the money to scratch already finished PS3 work.

2.DriveClub could be that damn good to be a showcase launch title! A big NEW franchise for Sony. Play Motorstorm and you will see just how fun/underrated Evolution studios is, their perfect to showcase the Share/connected experience Sony wants with PS4 and the big plus is it's built for PS4 not PS3.

3.GT engine not built to showcase PS4 potential, Kaz/Sony don't want up-scaled PS3 car models like PSP-PS3, very embarrassing to GT rep.
Gorilla_Killa_X  +   886d ago
I highly doubt GT6 will be announced on PS4 because it would be in direct competition with Sony's new Drive Club ip. But you never know with Sony, they may just do it.
Hicken  +   886d ago
Just announcing doesn't mean it'll be there at launch.

DriveClub will be here this year. Sony can announce GT6- with some early gameplay- for next year. And there's no stopping it from releasing on PS3 in, perhaps, some diminished capacity, as well.
SandWitch  +   886d ago
People keep thinking so because Michael Denny accidentally implied that GT6 will be released on PS3 this year.


Also various retailers have listed GT6 for November release. Guess what, for PS3.


Also GT6 for PS3 would be a logical and a lot more profitable decision considering the amount of time spent on GT5 engine and PS3's install base. Or maybe a cross-gen release.
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_-EDMIX-_  +   886d ago
"Or maybe a cross-gen release" I don't want PD wasting time on ports, they need to be spending that time working on GT7's PS4 engine after GT6.

I look at it like this, there are 80 million PS3's, if you want GT6, you clearly already own a PS system and GT5. If you don't CLEARLY you are not into GT as much as the real fans are. So I see no reason to make a port for PS4 owners. For whom? 80 million vs zero? I mean...why? DriveCub might be the reason that port NEVER gets down. Sony doesn't need to waste money porting games over to systems with LESS install bases. Mind you, I'm not even sure you can port a PS3 game over to PS4 (with the cell and all)
Williamson  +   886d ago
Games for vita and ps3 and maybe announce a title or 2 for ps4.
josephayal  +   886d ago
PLZ no more FPS
stuna1  +   886d ago
Sony gets it!

It's the early bird that gets the worm! I hope they finally have an announcement on The Last Guardian, FF vs XIII or, FFXV whatever it's called.

I don't know if anyone would agree, but I think it could be beneficial if there was a GT6 prolog on the PS3 and GT6 on the PS4.
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JAMurida  +   885d ago
See that's what I'm thinking, but I feel that Sony will announce games before E3, and we will think that E3 will be massive with BIG games that we want to see, but in reality it will just be a reshowing of the PS4 event with more stuff. It's too much to try and figure stuff out anymore and better to just wait and see what happens. Both E3 and MS's event is literally a few weeks away, so I'm just going to hold out.
NBT91  +   885d ago
The Last Guardian...
When they first announced it I was like "Okay." Then last year I played the ICO and SotC collection and actually understand all the hype now, those games were phenomenal. Playing SotC was easily one of my biggest highlights of this generation and it isn't even technically a current gen game!

After I finished it I went back to The Last Guardian trailer and was so sad that nothing has been said of it since.
r21  +   886d ago
Im hoping for new vita titles and ps4 titles. PS E3 will mostly spend time on the PS4, give some spotlight to the vita and maybe a lil bit PS3 reveals like TLOU MP.
o-Sunny-o  +   886d ago
Vita games I hope to see Socom Vita, God of War Vita, or Infamous Vita. Even though still enjoying Soul Sacrifice. ^~^
MuhammadJA  +   886d ago
Whatever these announcements are, I hope there are at least one or two for the PSV.
Lucreto  +   886d ago
Sony has announced some big titles in May the last few years. I don't think this year is any different.

Get us hyped for E3.
Karpetburnz  +   886d ago
GT6 please, Sony should also tease some PS4 games before E3.
mercyme   886d ago | Spam
SpinalRemains138  +   886d ago
An inFamous game for Vita, developed 100% by Sucker Punch!

That's what I am hoping for.
A Souls' game for Vita just isn't going to happen because it would be too awesome.
majiebeast  +   886d ago
Last of Us multiplayer blowout im calling it.
GdaTyler  +   886d ago
I expect it as well but anyways the game is coming out next month so... I'm hoping for new game announcements for ps4, vita and maybe ps3.
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Orionsangel  +   886d ago
It's so funny that people expect Gran Turismo 6 to come out soon. Have you learned nothing from history? They may announce it soon, but don't expect it till 2017 or 2018.
Robotronfiend  +   886d ago
Less "funny" and more rumor and leaked details citing November 2013 as release date. http://www.motorauthority.c...
Robotronfiend  +   886d ago
Last Guardian paint job option for cars in GT6?
CRASHBASHUK  +   886d ago
We soon see what PS are doing in Brazil 2moz
chrispseuphoria  +   886d ago
Last Guardian, GT6 and The Last of Us Multiplayer Reveal.
boing1  +   886d ago
I'm expecting some tech demos for PS4. Sony promised us something for May. And by 'us' I mean developers with devkits.
Feldman9000  +   886d ago
Many people were expecting a Gran Turismo launch title on the ps2 and ps3. many of my friends said they would get that system as soon as gran turismo came out for it. Well it took 2 years on ps2 and 4 years on ps3. If Sony wants to take the bull by the horns, gt6 needs to be a launch game with cross platform play with the vita and come with the ps4 and vita bundle they have "planned" for launch.
o-Sunny-o  +   886d ago
Last of Us multiplayer mode is making me think partial open world infected vs humans. Sweet I hyped myself up too much. ^~^
laoboy_Smoke  +   886d ago
Haters say what you will about SONY but they just keep pumping out games for ALL their platforms. if your a true gamer then you'd appreciate instead of bashing them.
ps3_pwns  +   885d ago
yep sony keeps bringing the high quality games dont even know how a real gamer can bash them. all you hear about on news sites and n4g is guys another new sony game is coming. you dont hear crap about xbox360 because they dont have games coming out like sony does. tired of you multiplat game playing chumps talking crap when sony and the playstation has the games. and the multiplat exclusive content. get off of sony you haters and blind chumps. how come you see new games for playstation daily and the only time you see any xbox news is if its halo because thats the only game they release each year. the rest of the news is just multiplat titles when ever talking about x360.

you cant win xbox fanboys join the playstation side while you can.
LoveSpuds  +   886d ago
If I could choose for news of any game to be revealed it would have to be Last Guardian, really need to see more of that game.
breakpad  +   886d ago
Whatever they want ...i really hope wouldnt be Next resistance, next god of war,next killzone next sly the racoon ,next ratchet or other failed non selling exclusives
GdaTyler  +   886d ago
I wouldn't exactly call those exclusives failures but anyways, I hope for some PS Vita versions of these exclusives.

A Resistance for Vita not made by Nstigate/Nihilistic

A God of War Vita game with a new protagonist or Deimos

Don't get me started with inFamous Vita. I will be SO happy if it came out. New protagonist or not. OMFG it would be awesome on the vita!
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