X-Play Review - Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword

Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword is an enjoyable action game that will appeal to fans of the genre and portable gamers. It will also leave a vague air of dissatisfaction with Ninja Gaiden vets. It's short, parts of it are sweet, but it never really gets firing on all cylinders, even though the hint of a promise for that level of intensity is present the whole time. The game is an admirable experiment by Team Ninja, and for trying something new with their biggest franchise, they deserve credit.

Review by: Justin Fassino


• Great graphics and music for the DS
• Cool comic-book like presentation
• Touch screen control is very intuitive


• Most levels are brown
• Game is very short
• Combat is shallow and repetitive

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PS360WII3688d ago

Not bad not bad. Will be fun to play for sure though :)