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Why PS4 Must be Lead System for Multiplatform Games

Playstation gamers cannot be dealt the short end of the stick for another generation. In this current generation which is rapidly coming to an end this year, Sony customers suffered from inferior products when compared to the competition. Sony made it so hard for the developers to develop for the PS3, in turn developers chose the easier to develop Xbox 360, as lead console when developing multiplatform games, leaving PS3 gamers with glitchy ports, and sometimes unbearable frame rates (Skyrim looking at you), that made it a frustrating experience trying to play the games. (Next-Gen, PlayStation, PS4, Sony)

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antbolton89  +   513d ago
It won't matter that much because the two consoles are going to be really similar, compared to the ps3 and 360
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fermcr  +   513d ago
I agree.

According to rumors (again it's rumors) both consoles (PS4 and next Xbox) are going to be very similar in the hardware side (same architecture and similar specs).

As for lead system for multiplatform games it will most likely be the PC, since both consoles have a PC architecture and the PC has a "infinite" number of development tools to use.
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himdeel  +   513d ago
Agreed. For multiplats and from what I understand of both systems architecture the lead MUST be PC.
DOMination-  +   513d ago
I agree too. Sensible comment.
Arai  +   513d ago
Time will tell, one console isn't even revealed yet.
Who's to say which will have the worse multi-platform games?
Time will tell, right now there's much that we don't know yet.
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Arai  +   513d ago
The author deliberately ignored some facts about multi-platform game development.

PS4 isn't like the PS3, developers won't have to jump through hoops like they did with the PS3.
In the end it's up to developers to decide which they choose as the lead platform when developing games.
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kwyjibo  +   513d ago
The PC is clearly going to be the lead platform next gen.
MysticStrummer  +   513d ago
Agreed. Ports from one console to the other will most likely be few and far between next gen.
Shadow Man  +   513d ago
i hope so because i was playing red dead redemption on my ps3 yesterday and it looks crapy compared to the 360.
SpinalRemains138  +   513d ago
Because the developers may have to take their system offline?


In all seriousness, I wonder how Bethesda is going to excuse away their sure to be 'complete mess' of their next SONY installment. On the system which was designed w/ the input of devs, for devs, how will Bethesda explain away their shoddy SONY version this time?
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