Microsoft Signs A Deal To Boost Xbox 360 Manufacturing

Microsoft is rumoured to have signed deals with two additional manufacturers to make Xbox 360s. The claim follows reports that sales of the console have dropped in the US.

Recently published figures from market watcher NPD show that Microsoft only sold 254,600 consoles through retail outlets in the US during February. Major rival Sony sold 280,000 PS3 consoles, while Nintendo shifted 351,800 Wiis.

To date, the Xbox 360 has outsold the PS3 in the US on a monthly basis. Microsoft blamed the reversal on a temporary supply shortage caused by high demand.

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decapitator3685d ago

Hopefully, this will help boost the Xbox 360's supply problems.

Sayai jin3685d ago

Sad, you got a disagree for making an unbiased comment.

Back on topic, I think it will address that issue, but I hope for better console design and better QC. To help with the RROD issue.

decapitator3685d ago

This is N4G dude. I am not mad though. You have to be extremely fanboyish or an ass to the other console to be liked's the sad truth.

Sayai jin3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

I know, but what happen to intelligable debate. LOL, hence my disagrees.

I guess all we can do is to insure that unbiased users keep getting bubbles so that we do not get silenced. I am including people who favor a console, but still can provide logical comments without being a rabid fanboy.

TriggerHappy3685d ago

Good now that the playing field has been set, no spinning from either camps on what the NPD's will say.

Massacre3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

If you think this will stop either camp from spinning how they do in the NPD, then you must be smoking too much. Every camp will put their PR spinner to it the moment the results are released.

meepmoopmeep3685d ago

hopefully the manufacturers produce more reliable hardware

meepmoopmeep3685d ago

my comment was not intended to be taken as trashing the 360. i genuinely want the hardware to be more reliable by the time i pick one up.

SKUD3685d ago

I second that again.

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The story is too old to be commented.