Out of Continues Ep 75: Can PC Gaming Save PCs?

Stafa and Jay talk about Guild Wars 2 and Don’t Starve. Main topic is on whether PC gaming can save PCs. After that, news on Game Dev Tycon, Batman, Madden and Wii U, and Silent Enemy.

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Autodidactdystopia2025d ago

Yeah its fine, but if gabe would get his finger out of his ass and announce hl3 then valve could singlehandedly wipe the floor with all other games same year.

but something tells me valve is up to something. they are quiet... too quiet, they've been quiet for a while now; they are gearing up for something. I just know it.

RobAlmighty2025d ago

Would that something be the Steam Box?
I wouldn't say they have been extremely quiet about that.

Autodidactdystopia2025d ago

yeah but steambox isn't a game, they usually have some game or another to tout, but for a long while they've been silent (in relation to games)

nothing big for 2-3 years now.

sayedstafa2025d ago

They've been focusing on Dota 2, that's why we haven't heard anything on other games

kingPoS2024d ago

Why doesn't Gabe Newell smile more often?

CapsLocke2024d ago

How do you know he doesn't?